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"Heroes: Parasite" (Article) - 3/7/2007 11:59:08 AM

Even though I'm stoked about this show, I was a tad disappointed about this last episode, it felt uneven, like someone told the editors last minute to get to a certain point before the cut away for six weeks. The company discovering Mr. Bennet's scheme came a little too quickly for me; I was thinking he'd work for the company a little while before they caught on, but I guess not. But I have definitely come to like his character more, so hopefully they won't do him in for real. I'm tiring of Nikki/Jessica; I liked her more when she wasn't sure of what was going on; her role seemed very forced this epsiode. And I don't care for her kid either, but I doubt they would have shown his power over electronics(?) if they didn't plan to use him down the road. DL, I do like, and I hope to see more of him. mbeck - Mirage is a great name for the new girl. Good call. It took me a while to figure it out, but did anyone else think that Linderman's [MMc] beard was cut a bit too much like The Architect from the Matrix series? I wonder how similar their roles might be. Wow, Ysid, going way back. The scar would make sense, except that we know Peter can heal. Since Peter has to concentrate to use another's powers, maybe he gets knocked out before he can heal himself? Or maybe Sylar's cutting is special? Still it would be cool to see Peter heal his wounds as Sylar cuts; I imagine that would really piss Sylar off. Obviously Peter will live, but will he save Mo? I like Mo, but I don't know if he should stick around. So what all do we know that Peter "should" be able to do now? Fly, heal, disappear, paint the future, manipulate time/space to some degree... anything else? And Sylar? I know he has the "eat brain" ability as well as telekinesis, melt or de-stabalize atomic bonds of metals, super hearing... what else? And can Peter access the powers that Sylar has acquired? I guess we'll need to wait and see. I'd give Heroes an A, but this episode gets a B.

Inigo Montoya (Image) - 3/5/2007 11:25:32 AM

From the gutter, but: Is anyone else wondering what that dangling thingee is? No? Ok, I'll go now.

"Heroes" getting major changes? (Article) - 3/2/2007 12:23:55 PM

I think I read that Hayden Panettiere(Claire) signed for a possible 6 seasons. So even if they didn't expect to go past one season, they already had intentions to go quite a bit farther. But 6 seasons is about when any show starts to go stale, so if they already have an outline on how to get there and wrap it up, great - I'm all for five more! I think it's fine if they tie up some characters and introduce new ones. But so many that we've already seen are so interrelated that it seems impossible that any character will be gone forever, barring true unrecoverable death. Personally, I'd respect the writers more if they were willing to ax a prominent character permanently... as long as it fits the story. Anyway, here's to hoping they keep on truckin'.

"300" (Article) - 3/2/2007 12:09:37 PM

Well, Galaga51 or any portion thereof is not my name or vice versa, and I'm stoked about seeing 300. I love over-stylization, and fortunately for me, I can ignore most minor to moderate errors that some claim to be able to spot upon first screening. Although, that boom appearing in a shot during Tully was a tad too obvious to miss. Anyway, I was thinking of seeing this on IMAX - usually I dislike IMAX for regular films because the screen is too big to watch for all the action that takes place on it, but 300 seems to be fairly simplistic in its own way, so I was thinking it might be cool to catch on the mega screen... But then, with some comments I've heard/read on some not-so-great special effects, I'm thinking I might just hit the not-so-mega screen instead to minimize those imperfections. Any thoughts on that from those who have seen it?

Light at the end of "Lost's" Tunnel? (Article) - 1/15/2007 12:17:44 PM

Personally, I think any show like this (or any show at all for that matter) should start with the idea of only lasting about three seasons, and then perhaps stretching to five if it really is top notch. Not many shows make it past five years without significant "stretch marks" of repitition or spinning wheels. In such a case, the show may not have Jumped The Shark just yet, but Fonzi is putting on the skis. So, I think now is a great time to announce an end date. It helps to keep those hooked, who are already thinking that the series will not end in a timely fashion. And it puts the writers in a different mode, which hopefully is a good thing. Think of it this way - up until now, the jigsaw puzzle has been put together from the inside out. Now, you're working on the border and you can see a definite size to it. If you didn't know how big the jigsaw puzzle was, how long would you work on it before you decide there's got to be something more fun and original to do? And if they're smart, they'll still leave a couple pieces missing or at least hide them very well.


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