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Mania Grade: B

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  • Art Rating: B+
  • Packaging Rating: A
  • Text/Translatin Rating: A
  • Age Rating: 13 & Up
  • Released By: Broccoli Books
  • MSRP: 9.99
  • Pages: 200
  • ISBN: 1-5974-1021-7
  • Size: B6
  • Orientation: Right to Left

Galaxy Angel Beta Vol. #01

By Eduardo M. Chavez     January 03, 2006
Release Date: November 01, 2005

Galaxy Angel Beta Vol.#01
© Broccoli Books

Creative Talent
Translated by:Koji Tajii
Adapted by:

What They Say
When Chitose joined the Imperial Forces she never dreamed that she’d end up working with her idols, the Angel Troupe. Now that Chitose is on the team, the Angels need her to join them for a very special mission: a Galaxy Angel vacation!

As Milfuelle and the gang get acquainted with their new teammate, the Elle Ciel is fitted with a new weapon from the White Moon. What is this strange piece of Lost Technology? Can Takuto figure out how to use it? With Milfie’s luck, they’d better figure it out soon!

The Review
Typical of a Broccoli Book title, Galaxy Angel Beta has some of the highest production values in North American manga. First, the cover is great. This volume features Angel Troupe members Milfuelle and the newest Angel Chitose hanging out in front of a starry background wearing matching space maid outfits! This is a completely new cover that actually matches the previous series much better than Jive Publishing’s version. The Galaxy Angel logo (with kana) is above them and the volume number is on a star gone supernova. The opposite cover has a long volume description, an SD version of Karasuma Chitose and an image of her Emblem Frame – GA-006 Sharp Shooter. The spine also has a framed image of Chitose on it.

Inside is where Broccoli really shows off there superiority. They have four pages in full color. The printing is perfect, but that is expected since Broccoli uses original source materials for this title. They also have the luxury to be able to include a nice sample of extras – a character art gallery, an ato-gaki describing Kanan’s birthday with the GA seiyuu, a preview of volume 2, another volume of the Universe of Galaxy Angel (this one is about the Elle Ciel), a staff/thank you page and a four panel manga.

Readers can also send in a form with $1.50 in stamps for a dust jacket! Now, that is a service I wish other publishers would try.

Kanan's art is perfect for this series. If you are a Broccoli-phile, you should appreciate Kanan's line-work. Lines are not very clean, but they are strong. Angles are a little sharp, which helps her cast look a little long. Moreover, there is not much detailing outside of lines used for texturing. Characters are very cute, with some interesting variety amongst the designs. Costumes are also really creative, even though they are based on military themes. Kanan has made sure each of the cast has customized their costume so each character looks unique.

Backgrounds are rather stale. However, I have been consistently surprised by how much Kanan uses them. I would have expected much less frequent usage of backgrounds giving the comedic nature of this title, but Kanan makes an effort to use them for the space action as well as to set up comedic situations.

SFX are all translated in subs that reflect the art used for the original SFX but in a smaller size. They were all very easy to read but ever so often, some of them were translated into actions instead of onomatopoeias.

The translation here is very good. The translation is simple; no overuse of slang or Americanization, but it is still able to maintain the personalities of each of the Angels well. One of the ways they do this is by using honorifics. This shows how these characters interact with each other and how their social structure is set.

Contents: (please note that content portions of a review may contain spoilers)
The Angels return to the bookshelves with a new partner and to continue their mission to protect Prince Shiva.

The crew has been working so hard to accomplish a goal that may never come to an end that they seriously need a break. And what better way to provide that than by flying off to the nearest vacation paradise planet. Cool water, tall cold drinks and lots of sunshine will definitely lift spirits and revitalize their efforts once they continue their mission. However, after a running so hard and battling to near death, a few days by a space beach will not be enough to make everything all better. So a short trip to the beach turns into time to wear squid costumes, test new guns and even raise space chickens. The objective now
is to get their lives back to normal but that will end up taking a lot of time while requiring a lot of support.

There are just too many memories to overcome. Some people just forget and lock the painful times away, not knowing what or why they are being held back. More often than not the memories are too difficult or to painful to deal with, but ignoring these issues only make them harder.

This is not the time to hold back and forget why you are fighting. Therefore facing your fears and understanding will only bring these crew members together thus giving them more support and drive to succeed when the next battle does come.

However, as we will see, sometimes when one person opens up, their words might shut down many others.

What do I think about when I hear/read the word Broccoli? Apart from the delicious vegetable, I am instantly reminded of company that creates some of the cuter characters out their in anime and manga. I am also reminded of how those characters seem to pop up in all sorts of Broccoli productions in an assortment of different universes. So you can have a Di Gi Charat in Dejiko’s Adventures, Panyo Panyo and Leave it to Piyoko. And when I think about Galaxy Angel I remember the anime and a manga and how none of them share the same universe! There even is a pair of GA manga titles that have their own distinct settings, tones and cast.

Well, this time Broccoli took a chance and just decided to make Galaxy Angel Beta the
continuation and true conclusion of the previous series by GA character designer Kanan (loosely based on the GA video games). The GA universe which follows the Angel Troupe and Takuto Meyers as they race across the galaxy trying to protect Prince Shiva from the evil Eonian forces. The only major change comes in the form of new character Karasuma Chitose (who was actually introduced in the final chapters of Galaxy Angel and a new (but somewhat old) subplot based around her. Pretty shocking stuff, huh!

This series progresses in a way similar to the original where each chapter focuses on the personal problems of a specific character while still maintaining the trademark random space humor GA is famous for. The distinction is how this version focuses on a specific topic - Chitose’s some memory loss. Using that as a theme as characters attempt to help Chitose with her memory problems, they now have to dig deep into their memory banks to bring out the reasons they choose to become fighters in the Imperial Forces. You get to go back to critical points in the lives of each character when they decide to make the tough decision to protect others at the risk of their own future. At times, the individual stories can be either a bit short (Forte’s) or melodramatic (Vanilla) but more often than not each one shows off some of the more touching moments in all of GA. Sometimes the characters do not share that much either, but I think this is where Kanan does her best as no matter what her characters learn to understand each other and thus give readers a better look at their unique strong personalities.

This volume also begins to really turn Takuto into the main character of this title. It is through his friendship that the Angel Troupe begins to grow. His support gives them strength and his actions give them the motivation to look past the surface of their problems. Takuto has always seemed to be self-sacrificing and kind leader of the Elle Ciel, but now his role as a friend is what is really moving this series. Without his openness the troupe would possibly shut themselves down as they had done before. Now they are more open to sharing their feelings (to a point) and the story actually flows better for it.

GABeta is definitely not for everyone. Readers who have not picked up the previous series will have a difficult time adjusting to this long and somewhat complex (yet not very heavy) story. And as I noted before readers should also not expect to see the same cast as the anime either (no Nomad). What you do get is a lot more character development and personal moments with the characters. You get a continuous story filled with random adventures where characters look for love and amusement. And best of all you get to see more of the GA universe from Kanan and Mizuno Ryo’s perspective. Fun and sugary sweet this series should be a must for fans of the previous series.


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