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Gambit not in X-Men 2?

By Dave Richards     November 05, 2002

Areyou trying to keep track of all the comic book characters that might appearin X-Men 2? The school invasion scene has the potential for a multitudeof mutant cameos. E!Online'sAnderson Jones revealed two things you will not be seeing in X-Men 2.

Jones answered a reader'se-mail and confirmed that the Legacy virus and fan favorite Gambit willnot be appearing in X2. Jones said, "the Legacy virus, asyou noted, will not make an appearance. Nor, sadly, will the beloved Gambit--noteven in several planned montages of mutants."

Jones said,"My guess isthat the filmmakers decided that a character like Gambit--with a fan baselike his, not to mention the ability to electrify playing cards--deservedhis own film." Jones' X-men scoops come from a pretty reliable source. Two of his best friends Dan Harris and Michael Dougherty wrote the scriptto X-Men 2.


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