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Game Boy Advance recharge pack

No more battery munching

By James Stevenson     August 15, 2001

Monster Game announced today that it has released a digital charger and powercells for the Game Boy Advance.

The MONSTER GAME POWER PACK includes MONSTER POWERCELLS that provide around 15 hours of gameplay and that can be charged over 1000 times. The charger charges the cells in about three hours and can charge AA, AAA, NiMH or NiCad batteries.

"Averaging only 15 hours a week, in two years a gamer spends up to $520 on batteries for the Game Boy Advance," said Noel Lee, Head Monster and founder of Monster Cable. "The rechargeable power of the Monster Game Power Pack, at just $29.95, offers gamers extended playtime nearly twice that of a regular battery, and the rapid three-hour recharge time gives them just enough time to rest those weary thumbs."

Seems like this little toy can save a lot of money for Game Boy Advance happy gamers. The MONSTER GAME POWER PACK is available now.



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