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  • Episode: The Lion and The Rose (Season 4, Episode 2)
  • Starring: Peter Dinklage, Roger Ashton-Griffiths, Neil Baltus, Kristian Nairn, Pedro Pascal, Nikolaj Coster-Waldau
  • Written By: George R.R. Martin ("A Song of Ice and Fire" by), David Benioff (creator)
  • Directed By: Alex Graves
  • Network: HBO
  • Studio: Home Box Office (HBO), Television 360, Grok! Studio
  • Series:

Game of Thrones: The Lion and The Rose Review

One of the best episodes!

By Jarrett Kruse     April 14, 2014

Game of Thrones: The Lion and the Rose Review

And here I thought that the season four premiere was outstanding last week. Now I am trying to process the overflow of events that happened in episode two. In a nutshell, it was a wow of an episode and save for the absence of Daenerys, this is in my opinion one of the best episodes of GOT since the show’s inception. It was that much of a rug-puller but it also had the qualities of a brilliantly executed drama with the right pace that pushes the story forward. As I do not know exactly how the events transpired in the books, “The Lion and the Rose” felt remarkably like a movie in its own right. Now that GOT is insanely popular around the world, I think that the loyal fan base has upped the stakes for the producers and every installment of the show is that much more grand. 

The second meanest dude in Westeros, aka Ramsay Bolton is hunting a woman through the words with a bow and arrow and dogs. Although just a short scene, it really has a lot of power as he lets the dogs maul the maiden after he has put an arrow in her leg. Ramsay is not alone in the forest and is flanked by his servant Theon who is now his lackey that he calls “Reek”. Man has this guy been through the mill with no end in sight. I kept thinking that Ramsay and Joffrey would make a great hunting pair. We also check in on Bran and company as he is still plagued by visions. I actually like the short scenes that GOT does because it usually is a good setup for what is to come to pass in Westeros. However they do peter out sometimes and that is what the Bran scene had me thinking. No big deal though.

I should point out that the name of the episode refers to the wedding of King Joffrey and Margaery Tyrell but I didn’t put that much credence into it. The reason I say this is because Margaery clearly has an ulterior motive on her path to being Queen. She has shown in many episodes that she is just the type of young woman that fits in nicely in King’s Landing. While she seems pleasant enough on the surface, I feel confident that at the end of day she is going to be up to no good. That being said, the wedding takes up almost half of the episode and rightfully so. 

As Joffrey and Margaery sit high up on the dais, the young king continues his wickedly sadistic ways. After a little people War of the Five Kings reenactment, Joffrey challenges his Uncle Tyrion before pouring wine over his head. I think that part of it was a slap to Sansa’s face to make the half-man embarrassed. And Tyrion is also very somber after finally sending Shae away to save her life. While doing his best to humiliate his diminutive uncle (as if the little person show was not enough), Joffrey demands more wine from Tyrion. After handing him a goblet, Joffrey starts to hack and cough. At this point I just thought he was clearing his throat but then out of nowhere (for the TV viewer) he begins to violently choke and gasp for air. Writhing on the floor, a panicked Cersei and Jaime rush to his aid but it is too late—Joffrey is dead and is most definitely purple in color. WOW!! Did not see that coming but I imagine the die hard book readers were psyched at this major event finally coming to fruition. You ask me, Joffrey got off way too easy. 

Joffrey was the quintessential bad guy we loved to hate. I shudder to think what he would have been like as he got older on the show. Cersei demands that Tyrion be arrested for poisoning Joff as he stands there holding the goblet. As quickly as the poison acted, knight turned jester Dontos Hollard whisks Sansa away. Looks like Sansa will be on the run in the weeks to come. Its about time, the poor girl deserves some happiness but I am not optimistic. For me this episode was just short of what I thought of last years Red Wedding. It is absolutely a solid “A” that I will be watching again and again. The Purple Wedding did not disappoint.


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Iridan 4/14/2014 7:20:53 AM

"Purple Wedding", that was funny.

Just when I was starting to think that the show has been taking too long to get the story moving, wham! No more Joffrey. That had to be one of the most intense and uncomfortable scenes I've ever watched.

Good stuff with Jamie too. I've really come to enjoy his character, probably my second favorite after Tyrion.

As I've not read the books, I have no idea where the Bran storyline is going, but for now it bores me. Luckily it was very short.

So, all-in-all, I agree that it was a strong episode. I can't wait to see the aftermath next week.

And now I can't get the scene out of my head with Hercules asking Iolaus, "Why are you purple?"

isgrimner 4/14/2014 7:32:35 AM

Pretty sure I saw in the credits that George wrote the script for this episode.  I know he writes at least one script a season and he does some cool things that don't happen in the books but are cool to see.  Like in season 2 when he had Bronn and the Hound momentarily face off, never happened in the books but was really a cool scene that he added.   In this episode he did the same with Jaime and Bronn training together. 

I actually figured this would take place around episode 4 or 5.  Though I had no real  reason for that thought.   I noticed their was a cool line said that most people would take as a throw away line but  I think will be a set up for this season's 9th or 10th episode finale.   Other book readers may have picked up on it.  Don't want to give anything away, but it involved a phrase with the word gold in it. 


mike10 4/14/2014 7:48:26 AM

That's a good thing that new scenes are added so, like with The Walking Dead, it keeps readers of the comics/books on their toes and surprised.

violator14 4/14/2014 8:05:23 AM

 Damn this show just gets better and better. It's crazy cuz there are so many suspects. I think it's obvious it wasn't Tyrion, or any of the Lannisters (Although if it actually is Tywin or Tyrion that would be genius) . Sansa did hand Tyrion the goblet right before, but Im pretty sure it had to do w/ the pie he ate. He even mentions, "This pie is so dry!" Why would they add that little tidbit in there? And then Margery feeds it to him of course. So Margery and the old lady are my prime suspects, cuz now she is the queen. 

violator14 4/14/2014 8:07:07 AM

 Oh and we non-book readers really do appreciate you guys not accidentally spoiling anything from the books on these comment threads. Please continue being careful about those on here before posting!! Thank you for your courtesy!   =)

JarrodSarafin 4/14/2014 8:22:59 AM

  It can be maddening at times, Violator...and not just here. Some of us read the Red Wedding nearly 14 years ago. Minus 1 person I know, my friends and family haven't read the books and they know I had read Storm of Swords a very long time ago...Keeping them in the surprise for the Red and Purple Weddings became rather difficult at times... But watching their reactions was also priceless...

Eldogg42 4/14/2014 8:28:57 AM

Not having read the book, so I'm going on opinions.  I Think it was the the jester that had something to do with it.  The Pie comment was just to make Tyrion get the wine for him.  It was too deliberate that Sansa handed him the cup.  I think the jester laced the cup while it was on the floor.  He was in the area at the time.  I don't think Sansa had anything to do with it, she looked very surprised.  Wouldn't be surprised if Margery put him up to it.  Great Episode!! Never thought they would pull the trigger on lord duchebag! But even I wanted to kill the guy for how he treated Tyrion.

monkeyfoot 4/14/2014 8:42:47 AM

Great episode! I also haven't read any of the books so I wasn't expecting anything big to happen in this one. This sort of keeps with Martin's odeas that anything can happen. The comic book justice part of me was hoping he would receive some slow agonizing punishment at the hands of one of those vying for the throne ( I really wanted Khaleesi to have her dragons slowing rip him to shreds). But that's not how the author does his stuff. 

I'm sure Margaery is behind this. She has been seducing the king while at the same time showing a horro at what he does.

Jack Gleeson, the young actor who plays Joffrey, is quitting acting after this, at least for awhile. He's been acting since he was 8 and decided that when it became a job and not fun it was tme to leave. A great way to go out.

rogue188 4/14/2014 9:14:09 AM

Watch the scene again. Its Grandma Tyrell! When she speaks with Sansa, notice her touch her hair, and a jewel ends up missing from Sansa's necklace. Then all the shots center on her while Joffrey is choking out. :)

aegrant 4/14/2014 10:06:03 AM

 You reep what you sew Joeffrey...

Reep what you sew.



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