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Game of Thrones: A Man Without Honor Review

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  • Episode: A Man Without Honor
  • Starring: Peter Dinklage, Lena Headey, Nikolaj Coster-Waldau
  • Written By: David Benioff (creator), D.B. Weiss (creator)
  • Directed By: David Nutter
  • Network: HBO
  • Series:

Game of Thrones: A Man Without Honor Review

getting nervous

By Jarrett Kruse     May 13, 2012


Like last weeks opening, we are treated to the continuing misadventures of “Prince” Theon as he tries to hold Winterfell. Upon waking, the traitor Greyjoy is informed of the midnight escape of the young Starks Bran & Rikon along with Osha and Hodor (Kristian Naim). Theon’s bravado is raised to new levels as he is sincerely starting to believe his own hype. He shows his cruelty for his mistake with a brutal beating of a villager. Clearly he is drunk with what very little power he has. When it comes down to it he was outwitted by a Wilding, a cripple and a half-wit!

We catch up with Jon Snow (Kit Harrington) who has volunteered to have the Wilding Ygritte (Rose Leslie) left in his charge. Ygritte is purposefully pushing Jon’s buttons by making fun of and criticizing the life he has chosen. Although the flirtation seemed genuine at certain points, Ygritte is setting Jon up. Messing with his mind pays off as she quickly escapes only to turn the tables on Jon surrounding him with Wildings. 

At King’s Landing, Sansa Stark (Sophie Turner) finally becomes a woman to her own disgust. Not because of the mess it brings but now she is able to bear King Joffrey’s children. Talk about bad seeds those kids will make. Queen Cersei (Lena Headey) tries to give her an 8th grade health class type talk of the joys of children but underneath it all it seems her grace is even scared of what Joffrey’s spawn will be like. 

In Qarth, Khaleesi Daenerys (Emilia Clarke) is outraged at the theft of her dragons. Although continually being supported and consoled by Daxos (Nonso Anozie), Khaleesi comes off as being just plain whiny in this episode. Without her dragons she is realizing that those little hatchlings are the only cards she has in this game for Westeros. Upon Jorah Mormont’s (Iain Glen) return to Qarth and hearing of the dragon-napping, he continues to show his undying allegiance to Khaleesi. 

Back in Winterfell, Theon is on the hunt for his once “brothers” Bran & Rikon. He has gone all out with a search party and hounds to pick up their scent. He is pretty clueless but he is adamant about making a point.  Upon picking up the trail of the escapees, Theon presumably concocts a plan to show Winterfell that he has indeed found the two Stark boys and has burned them alive. I am not falling for it.; too easy. 

The Kingslayer Jaime Lannister (Nikolaj Coster-Waldau) manages to escape the stockade of Robb Stark’s army with the aid of a distant relative. Very distant. I say that because he killed the poor kid just to escape. He is recaptured quickly and is put back in the pen where he mouths off to Cat Stark (Michelle Fairley) about the late Eddard’s exploits that produced a bastard. It is a tense scene but leaves us without much of a payoff. 

Back in Qarth, Daxos, Khaleesi and Jorah take an audience with “The Thirteen” to try and determine who exactly took the dragon babies. In a very supernatural-y scene, the head of the House of Undying admits to the deed and proceeds to assassinate 11 of The Thirteen. Very creepy scene that felt a little muddled among this episode that seemed a little too crowded. After the momentum of episodes 5 & 6, I thought that this episode was too all over the place with storylines spreading further out rather than lining up for a somewhat cohesive end to the second season. Plus the lack of IMP-ishness was definitely felt with basically just a quick scene of the Halfling. I am still dying to see what happens next but as a narrative, I am just hoping for a few storylines to be resolved by seasons end.  Only three episodes to go and I am getting nervous that winter may never come. 


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TheMovieGuy28 5/13/2012 10:22:04 PM

 I pretty much agree with everything about this review, but am lost as to why this season is only 9 episodes...when they said only 2 left, I did a wtf? to the screen. 


This season needs to be 12 episodes, not 9. And though this last episode was muddled, it's still the only show on tv I look forward to watching weekly. There's nothing else left anymore. Even Mad Men has lost it's shine.

violator14 5/13/2012 11:20:39 PM

Hey guys.  I'm finally caught up on this show after a week of jumping on the wagon. I admit it took a while for me to get into it, but once I finally got invested into the characters and got used to wth was going on, I realized how much I loved the acting and the execution of the stories. I hated that they killed Sean bean and Jason mamoas characters, but understand y they died to advance the other characters involved. My fav character by far tho is probably Robb Stark (king of the north). His decision making is flawless. 

Anyways, this episode was just ok for me too. Jon snow was a damn fool. The khaleesi chick is really starting to annoy me now that she is starting to show her true colors of naivety and bitchassness without her precious dragons. Btw I totally knew it was that black dude. So ya, glad I can finally join in on these conversations now that I know what all the hype is about.  =)

TheSilentKiller 5/13/2012 11:21:25 PM

 Actually I thought this was great - quite a few moments from the books, though it still varies in some key areas, and it looks like we're going to get the House of The Undying. 

I'm really liking Tywin though. He was kind of a dick in the books, but really awesome here. It's that Charles Dance magic I guess.

TheMovieGuy28 5/14/2012 12:18:32 AM

 TSK, totally agree about Charles Dance. I know he's a Lannister and I'm supposed to hate him, but the man seems the most tactical and logical this side of Tyrion. He's just a great character

ddiaz28 5/14/2012 7:00:19 AM

First off, just want to remark on two mistakes in the review.  The guy Theon beat was probably one of his men and not a villager.  Why would he task a villager to be a guard?  It was one of his men and he wanted to put him in his place in front of the other men to further solidify their respect towards him which is what drives all of Theon's actions.  Also, Jon didn't volunteer to have Ygritte in his charge.  He was supposed to kill her.  His hesitance to kill her is what is keeping them together and is what has put him in the crappy position he is in now.  While this is quite different than the book, I'm still hoping he and Quorin hook up again for something important. Also, I loved hearing "You know nothing Jon Snow". That made me smile!

TheMovieGuy ... don't worry, there are indeed 10 episodes.  But I agree, overall they should increase it to 12.  This season has just flown by and they could slowed down several stories to include more.

I'm so happy they ended the episode where they did.  With the events of last week I wasn't sure they would pay it off the same way they do in the books, but they did.  I even mentioned it in last week's review that I hope they would.  I still hope we see Rob and Catelyn get the news. 

Jarrett ... there definitely will be a payoff where Catelyn and Jaime left off.  They are just leaving it until next week.

It was great to see more of Sansa and the Hound interacting.  Also seeing her do more than bit*h at other people was great.  The scene with Tyrion and Cersei was quite touching.  It was nice to see her show some sensitivity.  Looked like Tyrion was going to try and console her but then thought better of it.  I also loved when Cersei told Sansa to only love her children.  As scheming as the bitch is, that was completely sincere. 

As far as the events in Quarth though, although they are so different from the books, they are definitely welcome since they add more intrigue to Danaerys' storyline.  Plus it looks like it will still payoff the same way in the House of the Undying.  Can't wait to see that happen.  Wonder if that will be next week or in the episode "Blackwater"?

violator14 5/14/2012 9:47:37 AM

isgrimner- Gee thanks alot. I think i know EXACTLY what that means...and by spoilers i thought u meant what happened on this last episode, not what happens in 2 seasons!  =(

isgrimner 5/14/2012 9:54:17 AM

Small thing that stood out to me was the music played at the episode ending and credits.  It really fit well, so who ever the composer was did an excellent job there.

Ddiaz is correct in that Theon definately beat one of his own men, you could see the guy was wearing Pike garb.  I am tying to remember if he beat the farmer at the end of the episode.

Can't say I'm happy with Jon's direction.  I look forward to how they are going to proceed.

This episode did feel a little scattershot, but that's what happens when you have a large cast of characters and limited time to tell the stories.  A lot of the books have been cut out, which is expected.  It  also why I would almost always prefer to read a set of books before watching an adaptation based off of them.   You just get a more complete story that way. 

So one of the writers on 30 Rock must be a fan of the show or books.  There was another little referance to the series on a white board that was on the screen for a few moments.  Apparently Liz likes for her fiance to call her Khaleesi. 
  BOOK SPOILERS follow.  Skip the rest of my post if you haven't read the books.

They made the Bran & Rickon thing way to obvious, but at least they did it.

I don't know how they intend to resolve Jon's arc.  The main thing in the books is that he was under Quorin's orders to join the Wildlings and do what ever it took to gain their trust.   Then when he does the things he has to do to accomplish that, he can be somewhat clear of conscience as he can fall back on the fact Quorin ordered him to do it.    I also am not too jazzed with the fact that Ghost hasn't made an appearance while Jon was with Ygritte.  I understand the dire wolves create issues for effects and adding them.  I would have been happy if they just showed him in the distance, like they did with Summer and Shaggydog.

Harrenhall, I suspected it wouldn't change hands so often as it did in the books, and that the Lannisters will just keep it.  That really takes away one of Arya's accomplishments in the way she provided some "soup".    I suspect they are expanding her interaction with Tywin as a way of giving Charles Dance some screen time.  He does a masterful job, so I can't really complain.  On a side note we got some dialogue that pointed to the Brotherhood without Banners. 

We may get the to see Dany's House of the Undying visions.  I'm not sure if we'll get an exact version of the parts I want to see, in fact I doubt it.

swisshammer 5/14/2012 11:25:39 AM

Thank you, ddiaz!! I'm quite shocked with the level of writing from Kruse in these "reviews." The complete uselessness of the play-by-play is one thing, but if you're going to recap what we just saw, at least check to make sure that you are stating events correctly.

Not only this, but there are grammatical mistakes as well as misspellings of characters' names (it's "last week's opening" and it's Rickon, not Rikon).

I don't mean to sound harsh, but I sincerely hope Mania isn't paying Kruse to write this stuff.

redhairs99 5/14/2012 11:52:40 AM

 Violator, Robb does seem to be doing very well but his decisions haven't be totally flawless.  The case in point being that he let Theon leave to "recruit" the help of his father.  That was just a dumbass move from the get go.

I really like the stuff with Tywin and Arya.  The Jon Snow arc at the moment is just boring me, which is sad because I've really liked everything with him up until now.  Someone just needs to run a sword through Jamie Lannister and be done with it.  Hoping the stuff with Daenerys gets better.  Her whinying is getting on my nerves and is there anyone out there that didn't see Daxos was the one pulling the strings to get the dragons and make himself king?  He said practically as much in the last episode.

charmer 5/14/2012 1:37:25 PM

Cmon Jarrett way does this episode deserve a C "plus" rating (mania's text editor doesn't allow the "plus" symbol for some reason)!

There were so many great scenes of dialogue in this episode (ie. Arya and Tywin, Cersei and Tyrion, Cat and Jaime, etc).

IGN reviewed this episode as well and gave it a 9/10, which seems much more on par to what this episode deserves.

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