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violator14 5/21/2012 11:17:48 PM

I hope u guys r joking with posting these possible spoilers. If not ur total assholes.... 

rkngl 5/22/2012 6:03:21 AM

 I thought this was the episode when the girlfriend kills Robb Stark... OOPS, SPOILER!

violator14 5/22/2012 8:40:49 AM

EEEERRRRR... ya real funny u stupid fuck

rkngl 5/22/2012 10:58:44 AM

 Thanx, appreciated. But when are we going to see some battle scenes, REAL battle scenes...?

ddiaz28 5/22/2012 11:11:51 AM

I just wrote a long ass comment and it didn't post when I hit add.  F**K!  I'll try and repeat everything again

Great episode with great character moments.  For those fans who are wondering where the action has gone, just wait until next week to get your fill.

As I mentioned in last week's article, I was right about Jon's storyline still going the same way as the book even though it's taken a few different turns along the way.  I'm glad the obsidian blades were found as well even though Ghost didn't do the finding.  We should really be seeing that direwolf more often!

I was also glad to see Bran and Rickon end up in the crypts.  I wasn't so sure that would happen since they had already left Winterfell.  If I remember correctly, in the book they hide there from the get go.  I don't think their survival was as much of a surprise in the show as in the book.  I remember when I read about their burned bodies, I flipped through the book until I found another Bran chapter just to ease my mind.

Tyrion and Cersei's exchange was amazing as usual.  Loved how she thought she had him by the balls and ended up having Ros instead.  Tyrion's reaction was great.

I'm bummed how they are handling Danaerys in Quarth.  She doesn't lose the dragons in the book so the writers have obviously had to invent her reaction to that themselves.  I just think they could be doing a better job.  I don't think she'd be so whiny and defeated.  I think once she found out who took them, she would have demanded to be taken to them no matter the consequence.  Seems like the writers just needed to delay her going to the House of the Undying until the season finale.  And since that is occuring the, I wonder if she'll have time to meet certain important characters?

isgrimmer ... I'm also bummed that we didn't get those scenes during her escape especially with the guard.  That is such an important moment for her character.  Although we may still get it in some other form.

swisshammer ... Look up the title for the last episode.  I have not doubt we'll get that scene between Arya and Jaqen.


Book spoilers ahead

I keep waiting for Talisa to be revealed as Jeyne Westerling but the longer things go on like this the more I think they won't bother.  I guess ultimately it doesn't matter who she is or where she comes from as long as the story of their love, marriage, and the horrible price that is paid for it all still happens.  Speaking of which, I keep thinking how sick I'm going to feel when the RW finally happens even though I know what is coming.

sarcasticcaveman and jdiggity ... I'm thinking they'll introduce the Reeds next season as Bran travels north.  They are way too important to be left out.  I don't think Hodor and Osha would be suitable replacements.  And it's too early to say the Warg storyline won't happen.  They sure are setting it up still seeing as Bran has dreamt he was Summer at least twice that we have seen.

End spoilers


I can't wait for the Blackwater episode next week.  George wrote it himself so it should be awesome.

isgrimner 5/22/2012 12:25:46 PM

violater, they're just messin' with you ... I think.

ddiaz28   w/ responses to Spoilers thus I will type spoilers - For the most part I learned my lesson here long ago to always make sure you copy the post before hitting ADD.  Of course the few times I forget to do that, is when my post of corse gets lost.

I was thinking the same thing, that Talisa would in fact be Jeyne Westerling, and just hiding her identity.  I guess it still can happen.  But Talisa is much more astute than Jeyne Westerling ever appeared to be.  I think the RW will affect viewers of the series more than it did me from reading. I posted a blog of my first read through over at and I knew something big was about to happen by the posts people following it were making.  When the RW happened, I wasn't that shocked.  Also, since it only involvled one character who we had a POV from, and one I never really liked anyway, I wasn't as taken aback as many readers may have been.  I think I'm actually going to feel it worse in the show than I did from reading it.  I tend to be more invested in one of the participants than I was from just reading.    I think due to the show being in third person, we see the non-POV characters on the same footing as the POV characters from the books.   I bet people are going to want to quit watching the show when the RW happens, and if the show makes it to the end of Dance people are going to break their tvs.  Though I'm in the camp that believes that character is not in fact gone.  I think there is going to be a bit of co-habitation going on like in the prologue. 

I'm also thinking the Reeds will be in the next season.  They are on a budget after all, and they can probably put off casting the actors untill needed.  Like ddiaz pointed out, hey've already setup the Warg story line with Bran.   The Warg storyline is too important to the core story, I think, to be totally dropped.


ddiaz28 5/22/2012 4:49:37 PM

Yeah I usually remember to copy but this time I forgot, like you said, and of course it didn't post.

I can see what you mean about that event.  But if Ned's death didn't destroy people's faith in the show, I don't think anything else will.  I also agree about the end of Dance. Definitely not gone.

Walker 5/22/2012 7:38:16 PM


They have so far entirely left out Jojen and his sister...they are crucial to Bran's storyline.  What gives?

The Reeds are unnecessary. They have clearly given Bran the Green dreams, which makes Jojen superfluous. His sister is only necessary for the Bran/Rickon split, but they can handle that with any minor character.

SarcasticCaveman 5/22/2012 10:31:28 PM

You say they're unnecessary, I disagree.  Once they split, then what?...the Bran and Hodor show?  Unnecessary...what the F ever.  Not saying Osha is a genius, but she's a better thinker than a special person whose entire vocabulary is his own name...yeah, I'm sure that's perfectly sufficient company for Bran to be able to not only think of sending Rickon away, but also how be able to divine what green dreams are, how they work, and how they tie into his destiny.  Yeah, the Reeds aren't needed.

ddiaz28 5/23/2012 6:56:28 AM

Well said SarcasticCaveman.  You live up to your name. LOL  But in your fervor you forgot to warn of spoilers as did Walker.  Careful guys.

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