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jedibanner 6/4/2013 5:52:46 AM

THis episode was one hello of a Holly SHIT TV moment. I'm reading book 3 and I'm not there yet but man, I expected old Frey to be mad and double cross the Stark but, not to THAT extent. It was a great episode and the face of Talisa's susprise when she was stabbed is something that will be in my mind for a while, a great episode.

ElBaz13 6/4/2013 6:05:02 AM

That's right jedi banner.

I use to bite my tongue whenever people said the beheading of Ned Stark was a holy shit TV moment, knowing this would happen.

just google red wedding and see reactions everywhere.

I agree though. This should have been the finale and would have left so many people speechless and wanting more.

Also sad to wait another year. :(


lusiphur 6/4/2013 7:01:59 AM

 Like Hudson Taco, it took me a couple of hours to get to sleep after we finished watching.  My wife made me put a comedy on from the DVR just to lighten our spirits a little.  It didn't help.  I thought the lack of end credit music helped heighten the impact of the previous scene.  All I could do was stare at the credits as the rolled by.  No words.  So reaction other than slack-jawed amazement.

A whole year to wait for season 4?  WTF HBO?!?

hanso 6/4/2013 7:09:51 AM

 Great episode but fuk this shit yo!  This is a problem for me.  They killed Robb who I liked and basically wiped out the Starks, who have been the "hero" of this story.  2 of the 5 kings are dead and Lannisters pretty much locked down the throne.  We got Stannis left to root for but eff him.  Now it looks like they will introduce new players into the game with the Boltons which i dont care about.  2 of the main characters are far away from the main plot in kings landing so its hard to get into it now with no one to root for to take over the throne.  Evil Dany is wasting time on another continent and only Snow now seems like he has a chance to join the KL thread so I hope they dont keep him on the wall.  Seems to me that Snow and Stannis have to team up cause I doubt Snow goes with Greyjoy.  Either that or Snow gets his own army from the North and takez on the Lannisters. 


This show now gotta be bout Snow.




MrJawbreakingEquilibrium 6/4/2013 7:12:06 AM

 Wow, Hanso. Some of that was pretty intuitive.

monkeyfoot 6/4/2013 7:37:40 AM

That episode was so painful.... So good as drama and acting and television. So painful and heartbreaking. I still find it difficult to even remeber the big scene.

Hanso, you do hit the nails on the head how I feel emotionally.  The Starks have been the Hero Family for me and I think most of the viewers and now I'm left devastated. However I still do love and root for Dany, my lovely little Khaleesi. And Arya. But I don't know what GRR and the show producers has in mind for any of them. I know all bets are on the table and anything goes in this world.

Speaking of which: I've never read the books. Probably won't before this whole series is done which leaves me in a precarious place in the world of the web. People who know the books will often pop up anywhere at anytime commenting about GoT even on articles that have absolutley nothing to do with the series.

Some people seem to have no problem taunting and teasing and hinting and sometimes outright telling you what comes up pretty much anywhere on various genre sites. I ran across somebody doing that on a site and on an article that had nothing to do with the series and they hinted at what was coming on this episode. I find that painful and difficult. Even skimming the above comments people will tell me stuff I don't want to know.


It makes it another whole Game Of Teases to avoid. 

jedibanner 6/4/2013 7:38:44 AM

SPOILERS (if you have not seen the episode)

When you don't read the book, when Catelyn begs for Rob's life you wonder ''oh, least he may make it out alive and live another day'' but I like how reality kicks in and logically, who would let him get out alive...the web is vivi of reactions and I liked G.R.R. Martin's details of how he came about the writting of that part and how he was having trouble writting that one chapter (he wrote the whole book and THEN wrote that one chapter at the end).


Wiseguy 6/4/2013 8:01:31 AM

I have little pity for Robb. Yes he came across as just and good but a man in that high a position to go back on his word in my mind is a capital offense. A man's got to have a code. He doomed his cause for firm titties


Btw, does his uncle keep his life or did he get laid and gets to live? Not rhetorical, I want to know. Oh wait save it for next week, maybe it'll be answered in the finale

Wiseguy 6/4/2013 8:06:30 AM

Cersei being so openly hostile towards Margaery took me by surprise. But it shows that she doesn't know how to play the game that well yet.


And what's uph Jon running off and leaving Ygritte behind. That was foul. He better have a good reason because she was fighting on his side

isgrimner 6/4/2013 8:07:33 AM

I remember reading the Red Wedding and knew from outside sources that something was coming. It is told from Catlyn’s point of view, and I wasn’t a big fan of hers but I definitely sympathized with her then. I felt bad for Rob and Grey Wind and really hated the Frey’s for it and I think I wanted to see Walder Frey staked down to his precious bridge and have normal horse traffic trample him.

One thing they showed in the show but didn’t really explain was the arrival when everybody takes bread and salt under the Frey’s roof. I don’t think the following is really a SPOILER but want to warn peeps just in case. This ritual is a sign that you have been welcomed as a guest and are safe while there. There apparently are some religious superstitions about breaking that tradition both for those that follow the Old Gods and those that follow the Seven. Not sure what the Red God R’holler’s take on it is, but as Roy Munson would say he is probably “against it”. I’m just glad they showed it even if they didn’t explain it.

I didn’t even like Talisa, but her getting stabbed was probably the most disturbing scene, especially with the sound effects that went along with it. Maybe it was because she wasn’t in the books and I didn’t know what her fate would be. I figured she would be killed there, but I also thought it slightly possible she could have been a Lannister agent as well.

Ddiaz I went out and found that OtakuAssemble’s review yesterday. He had been spoiled a while back for the Red Wedding and you’re right he has lost his enthusiasm for the show so it was kind of a let down.

Book talk and possible spoilers below:

So I guess the scene where Rob and Cat discuss Rob considering legitimizing Jon as his heir and the possibility that he did go through with it may not be as important now? Not that I thought it was super important but was always curious about that group he sent out.

Wonder if they will show the desecrated corpses of Rob and Grey Wind?

No Cold Hands yet, but I don’t think they will show him. I know there are a lot of theories that Cold Hands is Benjen, and showing him could prove the theories correct or false. Unless they had Cold Hands face covered or something.

I think this is the point in the books where Dany’s story started to irritate me some except for the random conversations with Barriston about Rheagar and the past. It seems like she is a favorite of a lot of show watchers and I wonder if they too will start to cool on Dany.

There have probably been several more comments in the time I took to write this.

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