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Game Of Thrones Season 3: The Beast and War Previews

Counting the hours now...

By Robert T. Trate     March 16, 2013
Source: ENTV

Here are two previews for HBO's Game of Thrones Season 3 . The first preview is titled the “War” and the second is "The Beast". Season 3 is also titled “A Storm of Swords”. In this season Jon Snow begins life with the widlings and meets Mance Rayder (Ciaran Hinds) and Daenery's (Emilia Clarke) and her army of Unsullied who are preparing for an attack on the city of Astapor.

Game of Thrones Season 3 premieres Sun March 31st. 



The Beast



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fatpantz 3/17/2013 1:20:53 AM

I refuse to watch any previews...i want every episode to be fresh and new for me....Best. Series. Ever

almostunbiased 3/17/2013 6:14:10 AM

I love this show.  The previews don't give much away, though I haven't read the books so I have no idea what is coming other than my intuition.  I don't have HBO, so I have bought the last two seasons on Blu-ray.  I took a chance that it would be amazing and it really is a great story.   Hate it that I have to wait a year again.  And also wish there were more than 10 episodes a season.

Roqueja 3/17/2013 8:15:59 AM

I have just recently gotten caught up on this series due to the recommendations on this site.   I love the series, and will be reading the books over the course of the summer.  I like the dragons growth and power increase as the battles become larger and more important.  This is great television.

hanso 3/17/2013 9:17:57 AM

 Almostunbiased, why don't you wait till Season 3 is over, and then get HBO for a weekend?  That way you can go to HBO on Demand, or use the HBO GO App to watch the season.  When you finish watching the season just call and have HBO canceled.  You'll only get charged for the days you had it so, you'll end up paying like $5 bucks while you wait for season 3 to be released on blu ray.

momitchell7 3/17/2013 10:07:17 AM

This is such a fantastic series.

Almostunbiased, you have to compare it to waiting a year between the LOTR, Harry Potter and now The Hobbit movies. The BIG difference is that instead of having to wait a whole year to see a 2-3 hour movie, you really only have to wait about 9 months and get a 10 hour movie spread over a 10-week experience!!!

That being said, March 31st can't get here soon enough!

swisshammer 3/17/2013 11:59:56 AM

Rob, dude, you just gave away some of the plot twists. I've read the books, so I already know what's going to happen this season, but some people only watch the show. Jon going over to the wildlings is a major story arc that comes at a surprise to the reader/viewer. I wouldn't have mentioned that if I were you.

But whatever.

I am SOOOO ready for this season. This book was probably my favorite of the bunch, so it'll be interesting to see it come to life. I really hope that they do it justice. I'm sure they will.

Almostunbiased: if you were so inclined, you could probably download the shows from iTunes every week. Or steal them from some bitTorrent site. If you were so inclined.

violator14 3/17/2013 12:17:20 PM

 So much Epicness in this fukking show, my head is about to explode from the trailers.

Hanso- if ALmostUnbiased were to do that and had DVR, would he be able to keep the recordings even after he cancels?? Hehe

hanso 3/17/2013 1:28:06 PM

 Violator, no he couldn't because he's getting them from the On Demand or the HBO Go App.  However, if for some reason he caught a marathon of the show, recorded it on his DVR and then canceled HBO, he would keep the shows in his DVR till he decided to erase them.

The odds of the marathon might be high for the days leading up to the finale or even that weekend, so it's certainly doable.

blankczech 3/18/2013 9:20:29 PM

 This may be my favorite TV show (it's a toss-up between this and Homeland on Showtime)

I also avoid trailers and comments from readers of the books.

I've been following all the tricks you guys are suggesting  to get this series without subscribing to HBO (long term).  Sounds like they might work.  I like HBO more than most TV networks so I had to get it... it costs about as much per month as one dinner out at half way decent restaurant...or one movie at the megaplex with a date and a lot less than a carton of cigs.

I have to think that even if one subscribes to the premium channel for 3 months to watch Game of Thrones it's gotta be cheaper than buying the complete series blu ray (unless you get the blu rays used).  

almostunbiased 3/20/2013 1:22:08 PM

Hanso Great idea I am doing that.



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