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isgrimner 6/4/2012 2:04:57 PM

Jaqen's words regarding Arya using the coin were not along the lines that they would make him instantly "appear".   Since some of this plot line was different from the books and I was left guessing what would happen,  I was kind of hoping Jaqen would have somehow retrieved Needle for Arya and given it to her along with the coin. 

We didn't get to see Rob's wedding in the books, but since they showed it,  I would have thought he would have had at least a portion of the ceremony involve the Old gods that Ned and the North favored verses the Seven.    No big deal on that though.

Wiseguy 6/4/2012 2:06:53 PM

Oh yeah I know that last shot was sort of like a cliffhanger to show what's coming. But another spoiler from my friends that have read the book I'm curious about, how come they didn't attack Samwell, the lead White Walker seemed to look right at him.

zalder 6/4/2012 2:20:18 PM

@swisshammer haven't checked this yet so um....the "new" theon in the books we are going to see still right..if they changed that I am going to be very upset.

@violator14 no way I can say much about him except to say we will see him again.  I think the "face" assisians have been at least mentioned before but I am not sure. 

SOOO glad to hear they are keeping the show classy going to loose my hbo connection so not going to be able to see next season but definitly will be renting or buying it when it becomes availalbe (and no I will not be using torrents so don't even mention it)

zalder 6/4/2012 2:24:32 PM

@wise and others..can't think if he talked this way in the books or not but there is a philosphoical reason it is done.  If he didn't talk this way in the books then kudos to the show for encapsalting so much of what makes the faceless men the faceless men in one phrase.  I can't wait until...two seasons or so down the line (want to say more but don't want to make wise angry)

@isgrimner yes next to the changes in Arya's story the changes in Jon's have been the most disquieting to me.

zalder 6/4/2012 2:26:26 PM

@wise I think the walkers had more important things to do.  They are not completly mindless..though how much of a mind they have is up for are many things, like who exactly is Jon's mother...even among those who have read the books.

isgrimner 6/4/2012 2:28:59 PM

Wiseguy  -  that whole scene is a quite a bit different than the books, so I don't really know or maybe I just don't remember clearly.  They have had some precedent for the Others not always attacking people, as they let Gered from the very first scene get away, the Nightswatch deserter who Ned beheaded . I have some ideas as to why they had Sam at the botttom and then had the Other's leave him be.

Zalder - they mentioned the Faceless Men in passing when they talked about possibly hiring one to kill Dany back when word first came to King's Landing that she was pregnant or first married Drogo, and Robert wanted her killed.  A Faceless Man was brought up in those conversations but they chose to offer titles or gold to whoever did it. 

McQuestion 6/4/2012 2:35:36 PM

 With the news that the next season of Spartacus will be the last and only 10 episodes of this, the best show on TV, already done, Sherlock off the air for a good while, Walking Dead gone till next year, I get infuriated that the never ending string of American Idols, The Voice, Dancing With The Stars, Big Brother, etc. rule the airwaves and the minds of the masses. Pisses me off. This is quality TV and we barely get it for two and a half months of every year, then it's done. These shit reality shows that make me want to scour my eyes with a toilet brush continue on and on forever and they are ALWAYS on some god damn channel somewhere.

Man, does it suck to be a fan of "real" quality television. 

Wiseguy 6/4/2012 2:47:17 PM

isgrimner, OK go ahead. Would love to hear your theories. I thought the other guy at the beginning of the series was let go as basically a messenger of what's coming, a warning of sorts to all the living

And one more question, maybe it has no bearing and doesn't matter. This may be the only peeve I've had over this amazing series. Theon is surrounded in Winterfell, Robb's men were told to allow the enemy to go home if they gave up except for Theon. I already know Theon is basically presumed dead, unfortunately for me cause nI would've loved to see Robb put a blade throu him. My question is did Theon's men escape although surrounded, die fighting, give up and given a free pass home and where in all of this does burning down Winterfell fits. Because if you give up I'd assume there's no need for any more killing.

In my mind I say they died fighting hence the burning down. Guess I'd like confirmation

Wiseguy 6/4/2012 2:48:31 PM

Oh and did the stuff Sam and them found burried, did that play into it. I thought it would but it didn't, at least not yet

isgrimner 6/4/2012 3:00:29 PM

Wiseguy  Yes, the obsidian does play a part.  Though it originally was found when Ghost led Jon out in the woods back near Craster's.  That whole deal of Jon seeing Craster give a baby to the Others was in the show only.  I think the Fist of the Northmen in the books is more of a lone hill, where as in the series it looks like a much more defensable position.  The spoiler, though minor is that Sam doesn't die at whatever goes on at the Fist.  I think they just left him at the bottom so its somewhat explainable that he gets away.  Nothing major, just logistics of having a seriously out of shape dude get away from them.  That's just a theory.  Sam isn't the only one to survive what happens though in the book, and I think the timelines may be a little different from some of the other characters.   I don't know if the series will let the same characters survive as the books, but Sam is kind of important plot wise. 

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