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blankczech 4/16/2013 9:28:25 AM

 violater14...I agree with your take on Daenary and her dragon.  I don't read the books so I'm not 100% sure of this, but, She treats those little monsters like her children and I don't think she's really going to give up the pick of the litter.   I either see her retrieving it or the little beast escaping and flying back to Mommy.

I watch GoT, alone late on Sunday night.  I'm often tired and find myself going back on the DVR or watching an episode twice because I thought I missed something.

Maybe I imagined this (I didn't check and no one else brought it up) ...When Daenary and Missandei were walking together talking I thought one them uttered a proverb in Missandei's native tongue and the other interpreted it...which made me wonder...did Daenary know everything Karznys Mo Nakloz was saying in their negotiations?

violator14 4/16/2013 10:11:19 AM

 Blankczech- I definitely think so. I think the dude being a sexist asshole is the the story's way of justifying the whole dragon turning on the new owner, and perhaps even killing him/them and stuff and flying back with a big smoky smile on his face. That is, IF that happens of course.  ; )

fenngibbon 4/16/2013 10:14:15 AM

 "Tyrion and Bronn gather their chairs around the young boy with wine and want to hear all of the copious and dirty details that makes for a rare moment of levity in King’s Landing."


These three and Daenerys's merry little band are the only ones I'm rooting for.  Have Daenerys take the throne, have Tyrion be her hand, and find low stress, profitable jobs for Bronn and Podrick.  Oh, and have some nice position for Brienne as well.

Noovtere 4/16/2013 3:42:19 PM

I think Daenerys just has to snap her fingers once they are back on the boats, and the dragon will come flying back to her.

lazerman 4/16/2013 4:54:14 PM

If anyone thinks Daenerys is going to give up ANY of her dragons that easily, forgets that she learned a lesson in lying last season, she is going to take the 8,000, and destroy the slaver owners with all 3 of her dragons and walk away with all she needs, and that disgusting pig of a slaver roasting from Dragon Fire. .

karas1 4/16/2013 7:48:35 PM

Daenerys, as a bereved mother herself, was very disturbed that each of the Unsullied warriors had murdered a baby in front of it's mother.  She wants the slaver dead.  And she did say the proverb in his language and then her new slave girl knew she understood all the mean things the slaver said, which was shy she laughed.  And Danerys demanded the slave girl because she plans to kill the slaver and his household and didn't want to kill the girl (I haven't read book 3 yet so this is just a guess on my part.)


CalamityJohnson 4/16/2013 10:23:23 PM

Tyrion has got to be one of the best all-time literary and television characters. Peter Dinklage who portrays him does so flawlessly. I would love GoT without him, I acknowledge this, but that's like saying I like ice cream, but it's so much better with hot fudge. Tyrion is the hot fudge of GoT.

Anyway, this show got me thinking. Who are the best all time television characters? Obviously, you would have to include acting, character development, uniqueness, and what they offered to a great show. For example, Bart Simpson doesn't qualify. So, here's a list of ten I came up with in no particular order:

Tyrion Lannister - Game of Thrones

Omar Little - The Wire

Don Draper - Mad Men

Walter White - Breaking Bad

Tony Soprano - The Sopranos

Ben Linus - Lost

Commander Adama - Battlestar Gallactica

Al Swearengen - Deadwood

Raylan Givens - Justified

Jean Luc Picard - Star Trek: The Next Generation

The Smoke Monster - Lost... um, kidding...


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