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The GameCube is "Born to Play"

Nintendo's slogan revealed

By James Stevenson     September 04, 2001
Source: IGN Cube

Super Smash Bros. Melee
© 2001 Nintendo

Nintendo has begun it's marketing campaign for the release of the GameCube.

We've been told previously that pre-order programs for the GameCube would begin today at major outlets such as Toys R Us. We were unable to confirm this at press time, but we'll report on it fully tomorrow.

IGN Cube claims to have determined that the GameCube slogan will be "Born to Play". This slogan will be used in all sorts of advertising and has already been heard on TV and seen in print. The slogan makes sense as Nintendo has been touting the console as a pure gaming machine rather than a computer or home entertainment device.

We'll have more on the GameCube as we uncover it.


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