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Games too Easy?

Are the games of today a walk in the park compared to those of yesteryear?

By Troy Roberts and James Stevenson     September 26, 2003

Resident Evil for GameCube, how is this not intense?
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In this week's Gamers' Thumb, we're going to try something different. Instead of alternating between writers every week, we're going to bring up a topic and have both of our gaming columnists comment on the topic. This week we are discussing the challenges of gaming, and why so many games are tossed out after being considered "too easy" by most people.

"I do think games today are too easy. Seriously, when was the last time I actually remember playing a game that really challenged me? The last game that I actually thought was challenging was the remake of RESIDENT EVIL on the GameCube. And while it did have some difficult moments, they were too far and few in between. Give me something with a challenge! Sure, RPGs take a lot of time to complete but that doesn't mean they're hard. I seriously think that the hardest game on the market right now is DDRMAX. The game requires so much eye-foot coordination that it takes forever to get decent grades on the dance routines. I don't think mastering the game is possible, but you know what? It's fun even so." Troy

"I still remember playing games back in the day like CONTRA, DOUBLE DRAGON, BATTLETOADS and FINAL FANTASY and being infuriated by how difficult these games were. Maybe my ability has grown over time, but I really doubt that MARIO 64 was as difficult as games like LUNAR LANDER, MISSILE COMMAND, and such. Of course, MARIO 64 is a long game vs. a short one, but the long games of the time were still much tougher. I'm looking forward to Capcom's VIEWITFUL JOE just because of the challenge that it will bring me. I want games that make me throw the controller across the room in discuss (unless it's a WAVEBIRD). Call me a masochist, but hard games are so much more satisfying to play and beat. Bring it on." - James

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Microsoft Game Studios' new title, VOODOO VINCE, has hit store shelves...HALF-LIFE 2 has been delayed...Capcom has announced that they will develop a game based on the Tim Burton movie NIGHTMARE BEFORE CHRISTMAS...Nintendo dropped the price of the GameCube to $99....COMMAND AND CONQUER GENERALS: ZERO HOUR has shipped to stores...Nintendo has also announced that they have developed a video game system for the Chinese. The IQue Player, the new system, will play SNES and Nintendo 64 titles...


We're going to try something new this week. A reader wrote to us and suggested that instead of listing our title of the week, we list some of the big name titles that are coming out. Let us know what you think.



HALO (PC) - 9/30


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