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Gans Talks L'Aventurier, Diabolik

By Rob M. Worley     August 01, 2002

Fangoria.comreports that Brotherhood of the Wolf director Christophe Gans islooking to do The Adventurer as his next film, rather than hislong-in-development Nemo. The movie will be a co-productionbetween Universal Pictures and Europe's Studio Canal+.

The film isbased on best-selling French comic L'Aventurier featuring theaction her Bob Morane. Gans describes Morane as "the French IndianaJones."

According to Fango,Gans is writing the script with Stephane Cabel. The storyline is drawn from arun of the books that featured the villain Golden Shadow, an Asian, Fu Manchu-esquevillain. The movie has a $70 million budget.

No casting hasbeen done yet but Gans told Fangoria said he wants Vincent Cassel to playMorane and Mark Dacascos to appear as a villain.

Gans is alsolooking forward to adapting another comic, the Italian espionage flick Danger:Diabolik. The director said he aims to be more true to the sourcematerial than the 1968 movie version was.

"Look, I love the film as much as anyone," Ganstold Fangoria, "but it was muchmore a James Bond/Batman parody, the vogue of the time, rather than anything todo with the original Italian comic book."

Gans hopes todevelop an "erotic, very adult" take for the movie. He named Dacascosas a his preferred leading man and Monica Bellucci as his choice to play Eva.

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