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Garner In Talks For Elektra

Actress confirmed to be up for DAREDEVIL movie.

By Frank Kurtz     January 14, 2002
Source: Varietry

Jennifer Garner on ALIAS
© 2001 ABC

Jennifer Garner, the star of ABC's ALIAS, is now officially in negotiations to take on the role of Elektra in the DAREDEVIL movie.

Variety reports that Garner is expected to close the deal for the role, which is a crucial part of the DAREDEVIL mythos. Elektra is a love interest from blind lawyer Matt Murdock's past, whose life strayed towards the darker side when she was trained as a child to become a master martial artist and assassin. She also becomes one of Murdock's greatest nemies, believing he, in his guise of Daredevil, killed her father.

Ben Affleck is playing the film's title character. Mark Steven Johnson is directing the project, with a script he wrote. Gary Foster and Avi Arad are producing.

If DAREDEVIL does well enough, plans are already beiung put in place to launch an ELEKTRA spin-off film franchise.


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