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Star Wars Celebration Europe II Update

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Star Wars Celebration Europe II: Clone Wars Update

Secrets from Dave Filoni

By Robert T. Trate     July 27, 2013

With the sad departure of The Clone Wars last March, the whole world (especially the Europeans) are wondering what happens next. As it is with my understanding, not all the European Markets have aired the final episodes of The Clone Wars yet. This made for an interesting panel where those who were up to date wanted answers. However, Supervising Director, Dave Filoni, wasn’t going to ruin anything. 

Before Filoni came out, Lucasfilm got the crowd hyped with this clip that celebrated 100 episodes!

Filoni was asked by stage MC and Star Wars author, Pablo Hidalgo, about the origins for the series. Filoni reveled that the show was actually going to be about a bunch of smugglers who had two Jedi (a Master and an apprentice) undercover in their ranks. Obi-Wan and Anakin would be side characters and not the two Jedi featured. George Lucas quickly shot that down and wanted his characters to be the central story. However, he did like the designs for the character that would become Ahsoka Tano. 
Before Hidalgo went any further, Filoni looked at Hidalgo's screen and notes. He then informed us that about 90% of this content has never seen. Thankfully, pictures were allowed to be taken. 

Here is a sketch (above) by Filoni for a Padame arc that will never happen. The story that Filoni pitched was one where Padame actually ended the Clone Wars. The idea was to have Padame negotiate the peace by learning that there was something else going on behind the military build up. As it turns out, the Separatists would discovered this, as well. The story would have had Padame team up with Ahsoka, but Padame would have done all the action (thus the speeder bike). Filoni said he was pitching this to end the show, but Lucas brought up her pregnancy and those action scenes would have been unbelievable.

It turns that Filoni is a huge fan of Princess Mononoke and Hayo Miyazaki. It was that work that influenced Filoni on the character of Ahsoka. One thing that Filoni loved to do was draw Ahsoka on wolves. Lucas, on the other hand, didn’t care for it. Then, Filoni reminded us that Lucas wasn’t the boss anymore. 
This is an image (below) of a Mylaya (I don’t know if that is spelled correctly or not). Filoni did have an concept scene to show of them in action. They are rideable animals from Kashyyyk. They are a cross between a lizard and a monkey. The clip (sorry, no video was allowed) featured Specialized Clone Troopers and Wookies riding through the jungle. They were attacked by this Praying Mantis-like creature that shot webbing from the center appendage. It was a cool scene and pretty far along in development. They had already inserted temp dialogue. 
Another concept drawing from this story would have had Clone Troopers that supported helmets with Yoda’s silhouette on them (seen above and in the header image).

The following images are what is being referred to as “Bonus Content”. Since the final episodes of The Clone Wars have not yet been released, Filoni has been calling it “Bonus Content”. It turns out that Filoni and Lucasfilm are trying to find the proper format in which to tell these final stories. If some of these images never make it to the final stories of The Clone Wars, Filoni reminded that even unused concept art from 1976 by Ralph McQuarrie ended up being in Star Wars, somewhere. Also, much of the concept art by Doug Chiang for Episode 1 was in The Clone Wars.

Asajji Ventress’ ship the The Banshee.

Sith Temple (is that Yoda at the end?).

The Sister Jedi.

The Sister Jedi can bee seen in action here (start at 2:15):

The former Chancellor of the Republic, Valorum might/ would have returned.
A Tusken Shaman.
Finally, Filoni and Hidalgo wrapped up the panel by showcasing some footage that was only seen at Disney’s Star Wars Weekends. This footage is still not available. It featured Yoda in the hospital being held against his will by the Jedi. The scene plays out fairly well between Yoda and Anakin. In the end, Yoda escapes and we see his version of Jedi Starfighter, which is not the one that that is currently out on the toy shelves. 
Filoni did take a few questions from the audience, which bared some interesting fruit. 
There is apparently a scene that Filoni directed that does deal with season five’s final moment, which he said will have repercussions for certain characters.
Filoni was also asked about whether or not we will see a Clone Wars soundtrack any time soon. He promptly responded that it was a possibility. It is the fans that need to make that happen. If someone sees a demand for it, the soundtrack will appear. 
When it came to the subject of Expanded Universe characters, he said that Lucas didn’t want Durge (from the mini Clone Wars TV series and the Dark Horse Comic) in the show. Thus, Cad Bain surfaced to fill that role. He touched, briefly, on Vos making an appearance in The Clone Wars, but told us his reason for leaving many of them out. He wanted to honor the fans that love those characters for how they were originally written. He did not want to change them for any reason.

Will the Zillo Beast storyline ever get finished? Apparently, no plot was developed outside of the original arc. It remains a mystery, much like the Kaiju movies those episodes paid homage to (check out the clip below). 

Will we actually see Order 66? His answer for this was a prompt “yes.” Though, he found it interesting now that so many of the Clone Troopers (Cody and Rex) are now seen as heros. It will be a tragic part of the story even more than it was before. He did say we will see how and why Order 66 works. 
Though many people didn’t care for The Clone Wars departure from the Maul storyline, this season did bring a new character to light. Gregor was a Clone Trooper that appeared in the D-Squad arc. His fate was left open ended. Filoni did tell us that, in his opinion, Gregor survives. Watch the clip below. 


At the end of the panel, Filoni did reveal that the final season of Star Wars The Clone Wars will arrive October 15th on Blu-ray and DVD (see details here). Again, there will be director’s cuts of certain episodes. There will also be a complete boxset of all five seasons arriving on the same day. 


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monkeyfoot 7/27/2013 5:56:51 AM

 Oh the sadness of what might have been. Clone Wars was such an exciting series for the SW fan. 

Looks like a lot of fun goings on in Europe.

jedibanner 7/27/2013 7:09:22 AM

Cool stuff to read, must've been a great party over there in Europe for this.

RobertTrate 7/27/2013 11:32:58 AM

 It was! So many Star Wars fans. Everything was English... except the showroom floor... it was like DS9 with out a universal translator. 

axia777 7/27/2013 1:18:26 PM

They started the series with a movie and they should have ended the show with a movie,e ven if it was direct to DVD/Blu-Ray.

RobertTrate 7/27/2013 5:29:14 PM

 agreed Axia... however I think they might have more than 2 hours of story. 

Sandisrd 8/8/2013 4:03:35 PM



In the line where Filoni says ''Filoni reminded us that Lucas wasn’t the boss anymore'', Mr George Lucas always will be a boss, without him Star wars woun't exist...



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