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ysidoro1701 10/5/2011 7:33:12 AM

I have to agree these Mondo posters are way too hard to get.  I have tried on several of them and if you show up 5 minutes after they go on sale they are gone.  I would love to see some reprints of thier posters just to give us geeks without deep pockets and unlimited time to get some.

Wiseguy 10/5/2011 8:34:44 AM

I don't collect these but it's a similar thing with some Sideshow collectables, you have to be at your computer at a certain time to assure yourself of the item going on sale. I actually love how this works, there's a bit of a rush and anticipation. It's all part of the thrill of collecting

Then if you fail there's e-bay and the free market at work. I've had to resort to that many times myself and have paid 7 times the original price in the worst case and retail price on the rare occasion

If everybody could have one the item would loose some of its allure

Wyldstaar 10/6/2011 9:02:04 PM

They are indeed very nice.  Since they're nigh impossible to get, I make do with using them as screen savers at work.



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