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violator14 1/11/2012 11:49:32 AM

(Beavis&Buthead Laugh) *Huh huh huh huuuhhh huuhhhh huuhhhh huuhh* yo it's a chick.... *hhuuhh huuh huuhhuuhhh  huuhhh hhuuuhh hhuhuh huuhhh* she said "exposed" *hhuuh huuh huuh huuh huuuh huuh huuh huuh *

Shellie- haha. all kidding aside, that was some great insight. I agree with everything u said. There are like 1 or 2 other females that actually post on here i think, but Mania does need some more female voices heard on here!  =)

pumaleader 1/11/2012 12:59:34 PM

I have always considered the fight scene in Phantom to be by far the best of any of the movies. I have always liked Phantom Menance and I have often wondered why people bash it so much. Is Anakin whinney? Yes. Is Jar Jar annoying? Yes. The same could be said of Luke and 3PO in a New Hope. I believe what really bothered people was that it was so different from the original trilogy. There was no Darth Vader, no stormtroopers, etc. It threw us into a world that was completely different from the last one we remember in Return of the Jedi and for that reason I believe that many people rejected it.

I would still say that Revenge of the Sith is the best of the trilogy though for one simple reason...the final 10 minutes. All the prequels were was a gateway to the inevitable. We all knew going into Phantom Menance, that the little kid would someday become Vader. What everyone craved was that would it happen? I remember going to the midnight showings of all 3 movies and the feeling after the first 2 was very festive. Everyone was laughing and talking about what we loved....Darth Maul...Yoda fight scene, etc. When Sith ended, it was a very different feeling. The theater was dead silent. Nobody said a word or moved a muscle after Anakin turns to the dark side. For that reason, Sith had the most profound impact on those who watched it. It delivered the moment that true fans had been waiting for since the closing credits of Jedi. It completed the story. So because of that, it rates as the best of the prequels and I also rank it at least equal to Jedi. The movie really needed to almost be a 2 part movie, much like the new Hobbit movie or Harry Potter so that they really could have gotten into the reasons for Anakins turn, but even with it's flaws it still delivers for me the single best moment of all the prequels.

jedibanner 1/11/2012 1:19:25 PM


Shellie, it's a great perspective that you are bringing and I wish more girls were vocal as geeks like you because not all of us here are fat comic book guys with one track mind of boobies and trekkies. BUt, one can't forget our good friend Karas1 as one very vocal female who is always welcomed to explress her opinions (new Star Trek anyone?). aspect of your comments doesn't seem right. I'll use my comments and my perspective as the exemple to compare our difference of opinions if I may (well...look at me so polite now...).

From my view, what is showned in the cartoon right now ''presents'' way more emotions then what was protrait in the movies because of one single aspect of the horrible, horrible acting in the movies from certain of the main characters which destroyed the prequels IMHO.

All that was detailed in your last paragraph about the anger and reasoning for Anakin fighting Obi-One is accurate but I believe is not showned within the movies, it's explained after the fact in books, tv shows, interviewes and dvd commentaries.

That's the main gripe against the prequels I have and not sure it is affected by my male perspective but rather form the facts of the acting and the lack of logical story that SHOULD'VE shown all that you describe but didn't (but IS showned in the new cartoon series IMHO).

I lost my mother also and the ''anger'' and emotions I expressed were way more clearer then but even today, most of the banal circomstance I go through in my mondane life are expressed more preciselly then what was showned in the movies. I see them in the cartoon series but NOT in the prequels and that's where my rant against the prequels isn't from my male side but rather, my facts side.

But a welcomed new perspective is always interesting to read, let's hope we can have more discussion Shellie (we as in Mania fans...not we as in gf is very protective so I feel I need to confirm this last statement....hehehe).

joelyouvegotgeek 1/11/2012 1:22:13 PM

I still think ROTS is still the best of the prequels.

It has a great opening space battle, the cool Grevous/Dracula connection, the afformantioned opera house scene, which is a truly dark and creepy moment in the SW universe, the order 66 montage, and both lightsaber duesl are quite good.

Obi-wan took action against Anakin because he almost force-choked Padme to death, I'd say that's a pretty good reason. Not to menton he can see the dark side shift in him. Also, as evidenced at the end of their duel, he was just trying to stop Anakin, not kill him.

I am a non-Lucas bashing SW fan for life, and see massive flaws and disappointment in the prequels, but each has enough aspects and moments a fan can take away and find some enjoyment in.

Episode 1 has enough sour notes to make it a tough watch, but it is also the biggest film release I've (and probably most) experienced. As Bob mentioned- the waiting in line, the hype, the toys, Pepsi cans, Taco bell... it was geek madness. No matter what you thought of TPM when you walked out of the theater, you have to admit the months long build up was so much fun, and because of that I am excited to see it again on the big screen.

I'm one of the few that actually likes the pod race. It's George Lucas at his best- Kinetic visual storytelling.

DougRed4 1/11/2012 3:17:24 PM

There are a few things in the article that leave me going "Huh?"  I get that you don't think there was chemistry between Anakin and Padme in Attack of the Clones, but that scene from The Clone Wars is supposed to be something greater/better?  To me the live-action scene is decently acted, but the goofy looking cartoon scene has nothing going for it except for the John Williams music in the background.  The characters look silly (too much anime influence, so things like the eyes and Padme's hair are way out of proportion), and they don't really emote (they simply do the Kirk/Spock hand on the window thing).

And I get that it's in vogue to hate on Attack of the Clones and the prequels (and Lucas) in general.  But did you really not get what caused Anakin to go over to the Dark side?  Did you miss the part where Palpatine was tempting him with power, telling him that he would be able to keep Padme from dying?

I think The Phantom Menace was a great movie.  It was even one of the better Star Wars movies.  And all three of the prequel movies were better than Return of the Jedi, to me anyway.  It had amazing sets and visuals, incredible music, the best lightsaber battle of the entire series, the best villain, the coolest Jedi, an amazing race scene, a complicated and satisfying plot, and bounces between three thrilling battles at the end.  I saw it numerous times in the theater and loved it every time!

Duckbeaver 1/11/2012 4:38:59 PM

Really interesting article.  I will say that Revenge of the Sith and Phantom Menace are the more enjoyable prequels.  I like Sith a little more for the last half-hour or so where they finally start to line things up with A New Hope.  Menace would be right up there for me if it wasn't for two big detractors: Jar Jar and Jake Lloyd.

With Jar Jar, it was just because he was meant to appeal to the little kids that it put me off as an older fan.  But let's face it: Star Wars has always been geared towards kids, so I really can't blame Lucas for wanting to wrangle in the next generation with cartoony characters, no matter how annoying they may be.

With Jake Lloyd's, that's a different story.  Hayden's performance may have been dull and wooden, but watching Jake in Menace just hurts.  I think it's a combination of annoyance and discomfort because no matter how much his "Lil' Orphan Ani" schtick irritates me, I feel bad for hating him.  He's just a little kid trying his heart out (on a Star Wars film, no less!  What 10 year old boy wouldn't be excited to work on that?!).  That, and the age difference between Anakin and Padme just made later films seem a little creepy to me.

But Menace definitely has its high points.  It was the first time we really got to see what today's special effects could do to bring our imaginings of the Star Wars universe beyond the 1st trilogy to life.  I give most of the acting a pass since characters like Obi-Wan and Oui-Gonn would be more serene and focused (less emotional) being Jedi.

InnerSanctum 1/11/2012 4:40:57 PM

 Really, no other films exist to me besides Star Wars, The Empire Strikes Back and Jedi.  And, I have no desire to see them in 3D.  The only way I'll buy the original trilogy is if I can get it cleaned up and no CGI changes (I don't mind it being sharper and the minor tweakes.)  I want the originals to be just the way they were orginally released.  To be honest, ROTJ was rather lame.  I blame that on Tarzan yells and Ewoks.  And, another bloody Death Star with the same damn flaw.  The prequels were all crap.  No saving grace in my opinion.  

InnerSanctum 1/11/2012 4:42:42 PM made me laugh.  "three pieces of feces and deciding which stinks the least."  LOL!

mike10 1/11/2012 5:28:22 PM

 I know this is late, but to answer Violator's question on the first page maybe "regular" jedi like Obiwan can only use the force on one thing at a time but in Empire Strikes Back Vader was choking people to death on viewscreens and when fighting Luke he was using the force to rip various things off the walls and throw multiple things at Luke during the cloud city fight. Maybe that could be due to Anakin/Vader's high midichlorian count.

 As for Jake Lloyd, they should have went with someone a little older that didn't look so cute. Someone with a "young Damien" look from the Omen movies.

Wyldstaar 1/11/2012 5:54:44 PM

This question reminds me of the South Park episode where the kids have to vote for a new school mascot- A Giant Douche or a Terd Sandwich. 

If I have to pick one of these three terd sandwiches, I suppose it would be Revenge of the Sith.  Not because it's any better than the other two.  It's not, but at that point in the prequel trilogy I was already resigned to the notion that the movie was going to suck bigtime, and that the story wasn't likely to make any sense.

I'd have to put The Phantom Menace as the absolute worst of the three.  It's the one that crushed my hopes for the future of Star Wars.  There are loads of problems with the story, so I will stick with the one that bothered me the most.  The introduction of Anakin Skywalker, the most important and most anticipated point in the entire movie doesn't make any sense.

The Jedi and the Queen have limped to Tatooine with a busted hyperdrive on their way to Coruscant, a planet on the outer rim that is far away from the influence of the Trade Federation threat.  They need to get to Coruscant as quickly as possible because Naboo has been invaded and it's people imprisoned (although we never actually see this happen on screen).  The situation is dire, and time is of the essence.  They don't go to Mos Eisley, the biggest spaceport on the planet and the most obvious place to find a new hyperdrive.  Instead, they go to Mos Espa.  When they arrive, they are told they cannot have the part they need for the money they have on hand.  Leaving aside the fact that this doesn't make any sense, it still doesn't matter.  Qui-Gon has Republic Credits; enough to buy a new hyperdrive without thinking twice about it.  The Queen and her entourage aren't even being looked for on Tatooine.  They could easily book passage to Coruscant using Republic credits without being extorted, since that money can be spent at the destination or exchanged there as well.  When Obi-Wan and Luke wanted to get off Tatooine, they just booked passage on the Falcon. Luke sold his speeder for the ten thousand credits to some guy in an alley, and that was it.  Why doesn't Qui-Gon just sell the Queen's ship to Watto? The Toydarian could sell the working ship for a fortune.

There is no cause for Anakin to factor into this at all, but for no readily apparent reason Qui-Gon abandons all logic and good sense and comes up with a bizarre gambling scheme involving an eight year-old boy in a deadly game that could easily get him killed and the Queen stranded without any ship at all and no money.  This plan will take several days before it can be implemented, during which the people of Naboo will continue to be persecuted by the Trade Federation.  But George wants a big chase scene, so he just shoehorns this nonsene into the middle of the movie.  This terrible plan works, of course, and Anakin is at last introduced to Obi-Wan, who clearly doesn't give a pair of fetid dingo's kidneys about this stupid kid, and actually seems really annoyed with his presence.  First the introduction of Anakin to the audience is flubbed, then his introduction to Obi-Wan. 

It would have been far simpler, and made actual sense if Anakin had just stowed away on the ship with the Queen and her entourage after they had the ship's hyperdrive replaced.  Just an orphan living rough on the mean streets of Mos Eisley.  No time to bring the kid back.  We've got to get to Coruscant and get help for Naboo!  The Jedi realize he's Force sensitive, and decide to bring him to the Jedi Council, since they're heading there anyway. 


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