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JarrodSarafin 11/2/2011 10:25:25 PM

LauraKay, Bob has no control over the registration issues or banning commenters. Nobody bans people beyond perhaps me and the only people I really ban are spammers. All opinions are welcome here. Seriously, it's just a registration issue in regards to Victoria having login issues here. I'm curious on what email addy she's using and why the registration system is blocking it. I can't imagine it's any of the big providers like yahoo, msn, google, etc. Same goes for our comment system which acts screwy..I was having issues myself making a comment this morning in fact.

Also curious on why she's taking offense here. As said before, Bob was using her cosplay photo as an example where the costume works...As opposed to someone NOT pulling it off.

His feature piece was about the Slave Leia cosplay phenomenon in general..It's an opinion piece in which we can all agree or disagree.

fatpantz 11/2/2011 10:57:39 PM

Damn straight Wiseguy!!

Wiseguy 11/3/2011 8:05:28 AM

Like I've said before fatpantz, it's always a pleasure to look at I mean read your comments.

Damn that chick is hot

Higgy 11/3/2011 10:46:12 AM

I haven't got past her cleavage Wise.  :D

McQuestion 11/3/2011 11:37:11 AM

 Who is the Marvel Girl on the left? On my god what a costume and what a body!!

themovielord 11/3/2011 11:58:26 AM

 McQuestion her name is Marie-Claude Bourbonnais and she is an incrdible Cosplayer/ Model who always takes it to the next level. She is smoking hot but her costumes our out of this world. She was Dazzler at the NYCC this year and the Invisible Woman (last year)

DaForce1 11/3/2011 12:51:10 PM

 Honestly, who cares? As long as you have women actually attending and participating in events like this by dressing up, it's all good. This is almost like saying we should retire the short, fat, hairless guys who always insist on donning a wifebeater, a cigar, and their mom's good silverware when they dress up as Wolverine (which has become the cliche at cons). As long as people are having fun, there's no reason for some nerdly declaration to be made that women can't dress up like a certain character because the costume is 'played out'. 

So slave Leias were used for marketing. Marketing what? Oh yeah, STAR WARS statues. Considering that the Star Wars movies have exactly two prominent women characters if you count the prequels, there really isn't much the marketers can work with to dress up the booth babes as to attract nerds to their booth to buy their extremely overpriced products. 

So take a deep breath, unclench your sphincter, and maybe get away from genre products for a while. Because if this topic is an actual problem you're having, maybe it's time you need a reality check. 

SarcasticCaveman 11/3/2011 1:13:59 PM

 Funny enough, there is a fake PSA featuring Kaley Cuoco from The Big Bang Theory telling ladies that they don't always have to go as Slave Leia to be sexy to geeks.  It's made by the same people who did the Nathan Fillion PSA which warned gamers about the dangers of swamp ass.  Look it up on youtube.

karas1 11/5/2011 6:13:40 AM

LauraKay, a while ago Mania had a problem with spammers infesting the comments sections with adds for stuff like hip clothing and pharmaseudicals of a questionable nature.  It got so bad that long time members threatened to leave the site, and some of them did. 

To combat this problem certain changes were made to the way we can post.  You can't post certain things in your message or the post just won't appear.  It's not personal and none of the moderators have any direct control over it. 

You can't...

A) use escessive punctuation.  If you include a string of exclamation points (for example) your post won't post.

B) include links or web adresses, even of other articles on this site.

C) include certain words which were common in these annoying commercials such as pre scription.

Perhaps the posts which you made that didn't appear contained one of these banned things.  It's annoying to try to work around sometimes, but better, way better, than being awash in spam. 


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