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SarcasticCaveman 1/4/2012 5:12:20 PM

 But I do hate it that Captain Janeway sounds JUST like Mrs. Conehead, and Kes was pretty worthless and was around 3 seasons too long.

SarcasticCaveman 1/4/2012 5:48:28 PM

 One last thing about Voyager - despite being my least favorite of all the series, and the non-favorite of most everybody else, I have to say it honestly was the closest to the original series.  Think about it:


Voyager certainly did a LOT more of all those things than Next Generation or DS9.  Next Generation gives the impression that they're done exploring and just kind of maintaining the status quo for the Federation.  Even on DS9, which they located conveniently next to a stable wormhole that could take them to a whole new, unexplored part of the galaxy, it fell into the ongoing war/political storyline...awesome as it was, that's really not living up to the Roddenberry idea as stated above.  Voyager, on the other hand, made more first contacts and found countless more strange new worlds and alien species than any show before it.  

EagleManiac 1/4/2012 8:32:12 PM

One of the main reasons I hate Star Trek: Generations so much is the fact they destroyed MY favorite Enterprise, the D. That ship was to me what the original Enterprise was to all the Trekkies out there. Seeing that ship get destroyed in that movie was as bad, if not worse for me than seeing the original Enterprise destroyed in Search for Spock! BUT, it wasn't destroyed in as poignant and meanful, or even as powerful a way as was the original Enterprise in SfS. It was a cheap, dirty, low-down and mean treatment of that wonderful Enterprise D, simply done for "shock value", and didn't need to happen, as was the case in SfS. I almost cried, and actually shed a tear when the original Enterprise was burining up across the sky of the Genesis Planet, and it actually saddened me to see it, but I KNEW that was what Kirk would do if he was facing death. He gave them "another chance at life". When the D was destroyed, I got pissed! I actually turned off of Star Trek for quite a while. I actually had to drag myself to the theaters to see First Contact, and even though I loved the movie, I missed the D, and that made the film a little less special for me.

I am a big Enterprise D fan, and have always thought it to be the best of all the ships to share the name Enterprise.

SarcasticCaveman 1/4/2012 8:40:56 PM

 EagleManiac - on the D:  I got to see Marina Sirtis at a convention one time...she told a funny story about when she was reading the script for Generations.  She got excited when she got to the page where Troi jumps into the pilot seat (whatever)...she was thinking, "YAY, I FINALLY GET TO DRIVE!"...then two pages later she crashes it...her delivery was hysterical.

dawntreader 1/4/2012 9:52:56 PM

Star Wars vs Star Trek...


i have to say i am a huge SciFi fan, not really torn over one or the other. there is so much good scifi in both. however, Star Wars is more like the Lord of the Rings in execution and Star Trek is more like Law and Order or CSI, except for the Star Trek Movies and DS9.

Star Wars is more mystical and Star Trek is more theoretical. both have action and great battles.

While there is some pretty bad Star Trek, you can ignore it because there is so much good Trek. but when it comes to Star Wars it feels like it was a beautiful, huge, grand, greek god marble statue that actually turned out to be made of melting wax... that will one day finally turn in to a puddle on the floor as George edits and reedits any sense of wonder and awe out of what was a set of 3 great movies. I hope to one day show my 2 sons the real Star Wars trilogy and make sure they feel what i did when i knew the original 3 in thier unaltered glory.

Of course then i will explain the horrible truth that George never intended to make such great movies...

CrazyCEO 1/5/2012 2:12:22 AM

I have the answer to this Star Wars/Trek feud!  Everyone should follow George Takei on facebook.  He's set up something called "Star Alliance" which combined the fans of both Star Wars and Star Trek on a common goal and sitting back and laughing their ass off at the "Twilight" series.

He's posted videos (propaganda) showing Shatner and Fisher having a go at each other but then urging them all to join forces to defeat this common foe that has trapped our women folk in it's daylight sparkling (I mean WTF is that all about!) gaze.  Which is kind of mute really because most geeks live alone in their mom's basement watching reruns and playing second life where their character is rich and powerful with loads of chicks! ;)

vitieddie 1/5/2012 5:43:42 AM

 got hooked on ST after watching the voyage home and then some of the early generation episodes ... am really happy i havent watched all episodes of deep space, voyager and especially enterprise since they are not making any more tv series ... please just dont tell me enterprise is crap (after season one)

karas1 1/5/2012 7:27:47 AM

Wow, I'm really late to the party aren't I?

I started watching Star Trek when I was 2 years old, sitting on my mother's lap.  And I mean the original series during it's original broadcasts.  (Yes, I really am that old.  LOL)  Later my family used to watch ST in syndication during dinner.  We could all recite all the episodes word for word.

Star Wars was a johnny come lately for me.  But I loved the original SW in the theater (and it was just Star Wars then, none of this revisionist New Hope crap).  The thought that I should have to choose one over the other never crossed my mind.  I loved both and any other science fiction to come along.  Back during my childhood, before cable TV, we had 3 networks, 2 independant stations and PBS.  That was it.  If 1 scifi show was shown per season we were lucky and I devoured it all, the good, the bad and the truely terrible.  The Six Million Dollar Man and Bionic Woman with cyborgs fighting crime, Wonder Woman, V, Automan, Space 1999, whatever was avialable.

You youngsters have no idea how spoiled you are.  Now you can pick and choose.  You have to worry about several scifi and fantasy series being shown at the same time.  You have a whole network devoted to scifi.  You have DVDs and streaming video and on demand.  You can watch whatever you want any time you like.

I'm in hog heaven.

As for the question, where should one start when discovering Star Trek, I guess that is a vexing question.  I'd say start at the beginning.  There were great stories that meant something  and great acting.  But TOS does seem a little old fashioned now.  Shatner has a destinct acting style which might put some people off and the FX, while cutting edge at the time, are a little laughable now.

TGN was great, I watched it in the TV lounge with my friends at college when it premiered.  It also looks a little dated today with it's over reliance on technobabble solutions (they spend 45 minutes of screen time trying to figure out some problem and then solve everything in the last 3 minutes by inverting the deflector array.  Again.)  But it also had some really great stories and great acting. 

I guess with both series you could handpick a few of the best episodes to show newbies to really get them involved before just letting them loose with 10 seasons of ST episodes to watch.

I've watched DS9 reciently and it hasn't aged at all.  The stories about war and freedom fighters and torture and the morals involved in conducting a clandistine campagin are as topical today as when the series was made, maybe more so.  And I think that DS9 is the best ensemble show of any genre ever made.  There were so many characters and it was so diverse, there has to be something for everybody.  If one episode was about Dominion spies on the station, the next might be about diplomacy and how not to offend  overly self important religious figures and the next episode could be about the love life of Leetah the Dabbo girl.  How could you not love a serise so diverse?

Voyager did have some good episodes but I'm afraid by then the showrunners were running out of ideas.  Caveman, Kess was a kind of flavorless character but the sad par is, the actress was excellent.  There were 2 episodes that focussed on her, one where she came unstuck in time and another when she was posessed by the ghost of an alien warlord and that actress just shined like a supernova!  She was terrific.  If the writers had given her anything to do on a regular basis she could have owned that series.  It's symptomatic.  Voyager was mostly by the numbers.  The actors were sleepwalking through derivitive scripts.

I never really watched Enterprise.  Brannon and Bragga had bored me with Voyager, why should I give them a chance to do it again with Enterprise?  I saw a few episodes in the last season when Brent Spiner was guest starring and they entertained me.  I've seen a few episodes on Syfy and they were OK.

On the movie side, I don't think the movies ever served ST very well.  TOS movies were hit or miss.  TNG movies were like extended TV episodes.  The films could have been shown as two parter episodes of the series (with a smaller FX budget) and been completely at home.  And some of the two parter episodes of the series would have made better films.

Abrams' film had some good points but IMHO they were outweighed by the bad.  It was a great action movie, it was poor scifi and it was miserable Star Trek.  Abrams completely misunderstands the character of Spock and he turned Uhura into a space bimbo.  Blegh!  But it was very popular so that MUST mean it was good, right?

As for Star Wars, the first trilogy was superior entertainment and it held all the wonder and mind expanding power of the imagination that you could wish for.  The prequel trilogy was an exercise in ego and selling out for Lucas.  He dumbed the movies down and turned large sections of them into extended advertisements for video games.

Don't blame the young actor who played Anakin in Phantom Menace.  He was a very young child and I'm sure he was doing the best he possibly could.  Hayden Christensen, on the other hand, was a fully grown adult and has to bear the blame for his performance.

To wrap up, both series have their good points and their bad.  To forego one because you are a fan of the other is silly.  Watch both and all the other scifi you can get your hot little hands on.

halfbloodprincess 1/5/2012 10:17:36 AM

 When I was younger I liked Star Trek more then Star Wars. I never really watched the original series but I did watch quite a bit of Next Generation and I liked it a lot. I watched all of Voyager and I liked that a lot too. Deep Space Nine was only okay to me but I did watch some of it. Then somewhere along the line my brain switched gears and I found Star Trek really boring all of a sudden. And my attention switched more to Star Wars. To this day I like Star Wars more then Star Trek. I never watch any of the Star Trek tv shows anymore. I have not watched any of the Star trek movies in a while but I did in general like most of them. The New Star Trek movie was the one I have seen the most recently with repeated viewings. But I will always for some reason find Star Wars far more interesting now then I did when I was young. But I agree with what some other people have said. I am a sci fi fan in general and I am not a fan of one and not the other. I am open to anything entertaining and interesting not just one or the other.

Meegle 1/5/2012 11:45:11 AM

I loved Voyager during the first couple of seasons. Mainly becuase I thought that DS9 was so boring. Sixteen years later they've swapped. Voyager to me was the biggest letdown and best example of how a formula can get way too tired too quickly and beaten into the ground. Sure Voyager had some bright spots but it was pure drivel mostly (Just ask Beltran).

DS9 is rich and even though it's a ripoff of Babylon 5, it is one of the best next to Next Gen of where Star Trek can go. Sure at times it's way to soapy but it certainly got better with age. (Especially after the original Dax was killed off). The final season is one of my faves and I think the jury is still out as to whether Worf needed to be brought on at all (as Dorn is a horrible actor).


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