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jdiggitty 12/20/2012 8:17:05 AM

Way to go, 6dra6on6. Nothing like purposly escalating a situation into full blown assault and battery. Though, I seriously doubt what you wrote even happened, that's the most moronic way to deal with the situation.

6dra6on6 12/20/2012 9:26:29 AM

Oh yeah, and throwing sh*t at people and squirting them with a squirtgun won't escalate the situation? You're a fucktard jdiggitty.

Wyldstaar 12/20/2012 3:11:24 PM

I don't usually have too much trouble with disrespectful people in theaters.  There's usually at least one person who just can't stay off their smartphone to check for Facebook updates, but a well thrown Hot Tamale always seems to get that phone back in their purse pretty quickly.

I do know of one incident that got pretty nasty at a local theater, though.  I work in the local Warrants Division, and read the police report.  Three teenagers wouldn't shut up during a movie, so the guy in front of them told them to quiet down.  They decided that they were bad@$$es who didn't have to listen to someone tell them what to do, and started threatening him.  The gentleman invited them to step out into the hallway, and led them out of the theater.  In the hall, the lead idiot then came at the guy, only to find himself being picked up by the neck and pinned against a wall.  The other two were about to jump in to help their friend, but stopped in their tracks when he pulled a gun on them with his other hand and ordered them to stand still.  Turns out they'd picked a fight with an off-duty police officer.  Never a good idea. 

Plus, it's never a good idea to behave like a damn fool anywhere in Texas.  You never know who's carrying a concealed handgun.  Probably one of the reasons why it's not as big of a problem here as it is elsewhere.

jdiggitty 12/20/2012 6:12:59 PM

Better hope I'm not too big of a fucktard 6dra6on6. Never know what ED you might end up at after one of these encounters. I give Maniacs discounts on trauma medicine though, so remember to ask for that

blankczech 12/22/2012 8:33:39 AM

 Apparently I'm not as sensitive as most here.  I remember years and years ago that I wanted to see American Werewolf in London but I procrastinated until the only theatre that still had the movie was a discount theatre in Trenton, NJ (it's not there now).  I went to see it alone.  When I got there I discovered that I was the only caucasian in the theatre, which didn't bother me since I'm a basketball player and was used to being the token white guy.  That movie going experience was different than any I had encountered before. People talked loudly to their friends all through the movie, they yelled things at the movie screen, and they jumped out of their seats and ran up and down the aisles during the scary parts.  Everybody was happy and had a grand old time.  It was audience participation theatre, and while I may have missed some of the dialogue in the movie, I had a lot of fun (I caught up with the dialogue when I watched the VHS tape later). 

I'm a people person and I don't go out amongst the masses and expect them to be quiet, civil and well behaved all the time.  Nowadays I only go to the movies to see blockbuster flicks like the Avengers or Prometheus at IMAX theatres...the movies are so loud I can't hear anyone talking and my eyes are glued to the screen so I'm not distracted by people texting around me.  I save the  deep, verbose, psychological thrillers / dramas for home viewing on my LED HD TV.

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