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millean 11/16/2011 10:07:24 AM

Slow day in the Geek Life, eh?

themovielord 11/16/2011 11:11:24 AM

 Actually millean it's not. The Spike Jonze movie was incredible. 

jedibanner 11/16/2011 12:20:44 PM

Hotse videos were great...never saw that due who quits, very smart.


Come one Robert...give Kristen a break, Twilight is awful but it's not her that makes it bad, it's the character (think of the newer Star wars and the stars in them.. and I know Kristen isn't at the same level yet as those starts but still, it's the movie that mkes it bad, not the actor.....not always anyway).

jedibanner 11/16/2011 12:51:07 PM

and WTF were they smoking when they did that short film at the end? It's nice but man...weird isn't the word to describe this thing.

Cute but man....just unconventional that's for sure.

Wiseguy 11/16/2011 3:40:44 PM

I find it hard to believe than a true genre fan would let their dislike of Stewart keep them from seeing her Snow White film, which looks pretty damn good

millean 11/16/2011 10:10:42 PM

Wasn't complaining about the videos in the article.  I just felt like I had read an email from a friend who had a bunch of youtube clips for me to watch.  I guess Rob is a victim of his success as this is the first Geek Life article I read that was a bit of a let down to me, thought the content wasn't that bad.

I think the Snow White trailer actually looks good.  First time I've had a chance to watch it away from work.  I'll take your word about the Spike Jonze clip.  I just don't have time to watch it.

OK, time to go sleepy-sleep!

themovielord 11/17/2011 10:46:41 AM

 Millean, the column has been running for 12 weeks. Check out the others. The Slave Leia one got the most hits. 

ultrazilla2000 11/17/2011 4:25:07 PM

What's so bad about Kristin Stewart?  I didn't realize genre movie buffs were supposed to shun an actress just because she's been in some movies they didn't like.  What about all her other films??

Hunger Games looks entertaining, though a bit like a CW version of Battle Royal.  I'll still check it out.


themovielord 11/17/2011 7:26:46 PM

Why don't I like Bella? Well i met her at SDCC two years ago and I thought she was a complete moron. It's this way with meeting any "star". From that point on all you can see is the real person it is hard to remove that impression. Plus I haven't seen her in anything that made me ooooh... now she can act. Side Note: since the whole Tom Crusise nut job routine I haven't seen a movie he has starred in since. This new MI4 movie I am going to make an exception. How many years is that?



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