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Geisters: Fractions of the Earth

400 years ago, it became certain than an asteroid would collide with Earth and the extinction of life as we know it was at hand. In preparation, mankind spent 10 years devising a plan to survive. The Dobias population decided to live out in space, while the Shioru forged themselves underground. 300 years later, both the Dobias and Shioru returned to the Earth's surface.

But the surface was not what it once was, and mankind was forced to battle for supremacy with a new life form borne from the ashes of destruction: The Siliconians - monstrous creatures who roam the landscape searching for prey. All the while, the Dobias, composed of scientists and nobles, and the Shioru, composed of farmers and nomads, are engaged in a bitter war over the limited remaining resources.

Amidst this battle for survival are Dean Honos, Alcion Fama, Cris Vesta, Victor Deicius, and Shai Tanna, and together they are the Geisters - an ultimate fighting force with powers, abilities, and weapons far beyond that of normal humans. They are mankind's last hope.

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