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Gellar defends 'Southland Tales'

By Rob M. Worley     November 06, 2007

'Southland Tales', the new film by Richard Kelly which started its story in graphic novel form, is one of those projects that has a big, critical question mark on it. It debuted at Cannes and was harshly criticized. In the intervening year there have been new scenes filmed and new edits cut together.

The movie comes to theaters this month, and star Sarah Michelle Gellar defends the process of making 'Southland Tales' to SCI FI Wire.

"I think that's also a misconception, too, in terms of how many changes have been made," Gellar said. "I really do think the movie sort of got an unfair rap from Cannes."

The actress believes that the movie may enjoy a home field advantage when it screens in Los Angeles (the setting for the film) this week.

"Looking back, we all sort of realized, the movie takes place in Los Angeles: It is a story about here, about us," Gellar told SCI FI. "And we truly believe it should have been shown for the first time here. I think it was really the wrong audience. If you're at Cannes, they're looking for a different kind of movie. And that's not what this movie is."

For more insights from Gellar, click through to the full article.


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