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  • Audio Rating: N/A
  • Video Rating: N/A
  • Packaging Rating: N/A
  • Menus Rating: N/A
  • Extras Rating: N/A
  • Age Rating: All
  • Region: 2 - Japan
  • Released By: Nippon Columbia
  • MSRP: ¥4700
  • Running time: 91
  • Aspect Ratio: 1.33:1
  • Disc Resolution: 480i/p (mixed/unknown)
  • Disc Encoding: MPEG-2
  • Series: Mospeada, Genesis Climber Box Set

Genesis Climber Mospeada Volume 5


Genesis Climber Mospeada Volume 5
© Nippon Columbia

What They Say

The Review!
If Nippon Columbia had not chosen to include the Love, Live, Alive OAV on the series discs, the 5th volume would have been the final volume if all the DVDs had 5 episodes. Mospeada?s plot points are wound together as the series and our heroes get ever closer to Reflex Point, and these episodes alternate between semi-light hearted group bonding, and the sacrifices of the war.

Episode 18 "Tachi the Old Soldier's Polka?

Back in the desert, we see Stick, Rey and Mint scouting a seemingly deserted town, which turns out to be a ruse by the anti-military town folk. The trio is captured by the local police, which give some thieves the chance to steal their bikes.

Back at the group?s campsite, Aisha begins to hear more Inbit messages, and Yellow suggests they search for the location of the hive. They run into some equipment wholesalers, who just happen to be comrades of the thieves who stole Stick and Rey's mecha.

It turns out that these thieves are ex-Mars Base soldiers, who fought against the Inbit right after the initial invasion. Having seen too much war, they now sell the supplies from their crashed Garfish cruiser. By the time Stick finds the thieves, Yellow has heard their story and forgiven them for their cowardice. Stick does not forgive them so easily, they earn his respect only when they show up in a battle against the Inbit, when they sacrafice their lives to destroy the hive.

Episode 19 "Forte of the Ice River City"

Returning to the snow covered mountains, the group?s spirits are sapped by both the cold and the constant fighting. Luckily, while passing through a high mountain pass, Rey finds a huge pre-Inbit invasion city buried under an ice canopy.

The city provides both an escape from the cold and an escape for the war with the Inbit. The group splits up and enjoys the lost city. Stick and Aisha find that they have a great attraction between them and Rey and Houquet find that whatever is between them, at least on the surface, is something bordering on hate. Mint is in heaven, she finds a new dress and a whole stockpile of peppermint candy. Jim and Yellow discuss the current trend in Inbit mecha, how they keep getting better and better.

The escape from the war is not as complete as the group hoped. Batra, the Solugi Inbit prince, is hot on their trail. With a few of the new Gamo's, Batra attacks the rebels unaware. Only by bringing the city's icy shell down can Stick's group stop the attack. As the group leaves the crumbling city, Jim sets off a tremendous explosion, destroying the city, and hopefully the Inbit inside.

Episode 20 "Birthday Song of the Night" starts with Mint happily telling anyone who is nearby that it?s her birthday. Unfortunately a massive Inbit task forces ruins the day?s mood as the group are forced to sneak around it to survive.

Stick and the others use the break in the Inbit threat to throw a birthday party for Mint. Mint gets everything she ever wanted: a cake, a big jar of peppermints, a new dress, a hot bath, a fireworks and skywriting display, and most of all, she has a family. And although she would never admit it, that is exactly what she wanted.

This celebration is hardly just a gift for Mint. It was also a welcome bonding opportunity for the group.

Episode 21 "Arpeggio of Assassination"

The gang is close to Reflex Point, but they have to deal with a local problem first. A seeming madman is killing all of the soldiers in the sector, and Stick's group vows to end this madman's killing spree. However, after Houquet and Rey have a run in with a mysterious man named Dusty Aires, they begin to doubt the legend of the random killer.

As always, wherever there is a buildup of military might, the Inbit are there. The posse assembled to bring down Dusty Aires brings also the wrath of the Inbit, and Stick's group see the awesome power of the Inbit, and how lucky they are to have gotten so far. Houquet convinces Aires of the error of his mission and he dies while saving his new friend.

Episode 22 "New York Bebop?

Stick's team reaches the remnants of New York City, only a day or two away from Reflex Point, but they? re badly in need of HBT cells. Posing as homeless people, Rey, Yellow Belmont, and Mint find where the Inbit are keeping it. The group decides to steal some energy cells. Unfortunately, Mint drops some HBT cell, alerting an Inbit guard to their presence. Luckily they are saved by a stray cat, which turns out to be a young man named Jorge.

Meanwhile, under pressure from the Refles, Batra decides to destroy all of the inhabitants of New York City. Sorji tries to stop him, but decides to use the situation as a chance to speak with Aisha. Stick, Jim, and Houquet are the only ones close enough to mecha to fight Batra and his troops. Yellow stages a concert to give hope to people, and the group is reunited. As the group attempt to take back the streets, Sorji finds Aisha, who again refuses to acknowledge that she is an Inbit.

Amazingly, using just their 4 fighters, the rebels are able to stage a successful counterattack against the Inbit, destroying the local Inbit hive and freeing New York. Saying their good-byes, the group flies past the Statue of Liberty, an omen of what they?re fighting for perhaps, mere days away from their final goal?

The actual technical side of this disc is at the same standard as the rest of the Mospeada discs, despite the increase of 25 minutes to the total. A standard authoring job presents the series as best it can with aged source materials available, short of an Animeigo/Macross style re-mastering project.

The disc has the default Mospeada menu with the classic group looking skyward image as a background.
The only difference, like on previous disc, is the new option for the extras on the menu, forcing the scene selection button onto the bottom right side. They are speedy in function, but are rather bare basic in looks.

The extras on this disc are increased from the first three volumes, with a 30 second Imai commercial for their smaller, non-transformable kits as well as the stock 30 image picture gallery. Compared to the funny Gakken commercials on volume 4, this one is slightly lacking, notable mostly for background music that wouldn?t be out of place in ?Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous?.

The image gallery on this disc is very similar to that of Volume 4?s, with scans of the two 24 page advertising booklets produced by Imai and fellow Mospeada model kit maker LS, and 5 scans of some of Imai?s Mospeada model kit boxes.

The 8-page insert also mimics the style of the last volume, with more shots of Imai?s models, a checklist of the full range, and a plug for Imai?s recent re-release of their Mospeada range, timed to coincide with the release of first three Mospeada DVDs in December 2000. It then follows the trend of the previous volumes, with various bits of information and model sheets for each of the episodes on this disc, sections on some of the mecha in this case the Gosu and Tread, staff interviews and chapter guide on the last page.

The case features another distinctive and powerful Yellow Belmont image from the beautiful Yoshitaka Amano designed Love, Live, Alive OAV. The back features a great deal of information, ranging from episode teasers, staff and cast list, the extras on the disc and even the release date, broken up by screen captures and a nifty stylised image of the Gosu.

Mospeada is a good series with a great deal of action that should appeal to mecha fans, with 5 very good episodes on this volume. Robotech fans will also find this of interest, just to see the differences between Mospeada and Robotech. Or maybe they?ll be scarred for life when they see the shower scene from Mint?s birthday. Hopefully Animeigo or some other company will consider a remastered English subtitled release of Mospeada in the future, but for now this is the best way to experience such a good series.

Video Rating: +B

Audio Rating: B

Content Rating: A

Package Rating: A

Menu Rating: C

Japanese Language,Imai Mospeada Model commercial,30 image picture gallery,8-page insert booklet

Review Equipment
JNL-7001 DVD Player, Commodore 1802 PAL Color Monitor


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