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Mania Grade: A

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  • Audio Rating: B
  • Video Rating: B
  • Packaging Rating: A
  • Menus Rating: C
  • Extras Rating: A
  • Age Rating: All
  • Region: 2 - Japan
  • Released By: Nippon Columbia
  • MSRP: ¥4700
  • Running time: 91
  • Aspect Ratio: 1.33:1
  • Disc Resolution: 480i/p (mixed/unknown)
  • Disc Encoding: MPEG-2
  • Series: Mospeada, Genesis Climber Box Set

Genesis Climber Mospeada Volume 6


Genesis Climber Mospeada Volume 6
© Nippon Columbia

What They Say

The Review!
We reach the last volume of Mospeada on DVD, which contains the final three episodes of the TV series and the sequel OVA.

Episode 23 "Black Hair's Partita (Suite)?

As the group close on the outer reaches of the gigantic Reflex Point, an advance force from the Third Earth Recapture Mission begins their initial attacks. But by the time the group arrive, the ground around Reflex Point is littered with both destroyed Inbit and Mars Base mecha, with no apparent survivors.

Suddenly, a single female soldier appears, carrying a camera where her gun should be. Assigned to document the battles with the Inbit, she horrifies the group with the revelation that she quite happily filmed her comrades' destruction without lifting a finger to help them.

Eventually, she seems to come around, and proposes a plan to fight the Inbit. Stick realizes that her plan to destroy the Inbit is actually just a plan to get some great camera footage of more Mars Base mecha being destroyed. The freedom fighters surprise her, and beat the odds to come out as victors. However, while attempting to get footage of an Inbit in human form, she?s mortally wounded and dies shortly after realizing her mistakes.

Worst things are to come when Aisha receives a cut on her arm. Where red blood should be flowing, only green blood appears. At that moment, standing next to an Inbit Solugi bleeding green blood, Aisha and the rest of the group realize her true identity. Aisha runs off crying, and the others stand and watch, wondering if they will ever see her again.

Episode 24 "The Dark Finale"

The battle for the Earth begins. Ground troops from the newly arrived Mars Base forces have linked up with Stick's band of freedom fighters. Jim has been reinstated in military. All is ready for the attack. After all the group have been through, Stick points out that the battle is for the military only, leaving Rey, Houquet and Mint behind, hopefully in safety. Of course not being in the military means they don?t really have to follow orders and join in anyway.

A lot happens during this episode. During the fight, Rey professes his love for Houquet, which she returns. Yellow's Legioss is hit by an Inbit energy bolt, and is saved from destruction by Sorji. A nude Aisha with energy aura visits all the members of the group and leads them directly to the Refles. She is completely unresponsive to the conflict, sure of her race?s victory. The episode ends with Stick vowing to destroy Batra, the others are left inside Reflex Point with the Refles as the final Mars Base attack wave is committed to battle.

Episode 25 "Symphony of Light"

The final episode of MOSPEADA picks up where the last left off. Stick is fighting Batra, and is shot down, only to be rescued by Aisha. Meanwhile, Houquet and Rey climb in their Legioss's, and decide to help Stick out. Yellow and Sorji point out the awful destructive effect the conflict is having on both races, and this time the Refles sees that neither race is less valuable than the other. Unfortunately the Mars Base forces aren?t quit so understanding and order the dropping a group of massive nuclear bombs on the planet, human casualties be damned. Rey and Houquet face Batra, but their feelings for each other prove their undoing, until Stick arrives in the TREAD Armo-Bomber, and finally destroys Batra.

The Refles decides to leave the Earth, and take her children with her. While Jim and Mint vacate the battle scene, Yellow agrees to help Sorji fight off the attackers until the Refles can leave. The Refles leaves in a ball of fire, destroying the remaining Mars Base forces left in orbit. Yellow stages a concert, in which he reveals his true identity. Sorji was left behind, and she is at the concert to cheer Yellow on. Houquet and Rey leave to start their lives together. Jim, Mint, and Aisha drive off to start a farm. Stick flies back into space to return to

Love, Live, Alive:

After Mospeada finished, Tatsunoko Productions was presented with an interesting paradox. The series was only mildly popular at best, yet once it?s run was finished a large group of hard-core fans came out of the woodwork, starting a hefty write in campaign to get a second season or sequel made. While permanently shelving the series, they rewarded the fans by producing an OVA sequel: Mospeada Love, Live, Alive.

Partly made up new footage and clips from the series, this OVA centers on Yellow Belmont. We see him as he rides to a concert, performs at it, does a television interview and eventually reunites with his friends. The new footage of those events leads into Yellow?s flashbacks to events in the series, often accompanied by music. And what music! We have both a collection of Yellow?s vocal tracks from the series and brand new songs. All but one song are sung in Yellow?s male voice, which offers an interesting slant to the music from the series. While basically collection of music videos, it helps to provide happy closure to some of the loose threads at the end of the series, and fans will love this.

The actual technical side of this disc varies. While the episodes are at same standard as the rest of the Mospeada discs with minor film artifacts, the LLA OVA lets the ship down, from what seems to be lower quality source material with a higher level of grain especially. It?s not ugh I can?t watch this bad, it?s just disappointing, especially when comparing the footage from the series against the same scene in a Love, Live, Alive flashback. Both the episodes and the OVA have standard stereo tracks, clear and without technical faults.

Like all the Mospeada discs, this volume auto-runs, so you can watch from the Nippon Columbia symbel and Tatsunoko sea horsey at the start right through the video extras and copyright info for this release at the end before you see the menu. The disc has the default Mospeada menu with a screen capture of the classic group looking skyward image as a background. For the most part, the menus are fast and easy to navigate for the non-Japanese speaker, if static, with just the option to play each episode and the OVA, play the text-less opening and closing, play the alternate opening and closing, view the image gallery or go to the scene selection page.

The single scene selection page has the chapter list for all video on this disc including the extras. Tthe episodes are split into Opening titles, A-part, B-part, End credits and Next Episode clip, but in a disappointing move Love, Live, Alive has only a single selection for the start, despite running almost for the same amount of time as the three episodes. I would have really liked to have the ability to skip to a certain song in Love, Live, Alive, but it?s not available.

The video extras on this volume consist of text less opening titles and end credits, and alternate opening titles. While the text-less opening and closing are great, the alternate opening is of limited value, as the change is in the credit text side than the rather than animation.

The image gallery on this disc is a real mixed bag, but has so many gems among its 30 images. We have early character design images, ranging from Stick with a pony tail to humanoid Inbit that look like weird fashion models, beautiful rough pencil art for color pictures, some of that magazine art, advertisements, scans of the LP covers and the LLA VHS cover and associated advertising materials.

The packaging closely follow its brothers, with another Yoshitaka Amano drawing from Love, Live, Alive. This time instead of yet another Yellow Belmont close-up, we have the group as rock band picture frame used in the end credits for the OVA. The back cover is fairly busy, with basic cast and staff lists along with episode teasers and all the usual technical information. The real thing of interest though is a new stylized image of Tread in Armo-Soldier mode and patching a seriously increased sensor package and array of weaponry.

The 8 page booklet continues the trend of the last two volumes by concerning itself with Mospeada mercendise, ranging from the combined Legioss/Treat resin kit, the soundtrack LPs and CDs, pencil boards, cards, film comics and magazines with Mospeada on the cover. The first two pages inside feature information and production line art for the final three episodes of the series. Next is a two page spread on Love Live Alive with color character art of the band, Yellow in all his ever changing guises and the updated Sorji, Jim with his natty beard and a complete English credits for the staff. Sure the real credits on the disc are also in English, but the light blue text against a white background makes them hard to read, so this is a welcome inclusion. The last pages have more staff interviews and chapter list on the back, but the most interesting part is a short article on how Mospeada was combined with two other unrelated anime series for its release in America. Yes, they actually mention Robotech, and even include a picture of the Playmates Inbit scout and a scan of a Palladium Books New Gen video cover.

The final volume of Mospeada is a must buy, with the finale for the series and the beautiful sequel OVA on the same disc, despite some minor visual flaws. Robotech fans alone will be amazed by Love, Love, Alive, especially seeing that many of the Robotech New Generation future?s for Yellow are rather hellish. Hopefully an American company will give both the series AND the OVA a remastered release like Animeigo and Macross, but until then it?s certainly the easiest, best quality way to see the series ending and Love, Live, Alive.

Japanese Language,Text-less opening titles and closing credits,Alternate opening titles,30 image picture gallery,
8-page insert booklet

Review Equipment
JNL-7001 DVD Player, Commodore 1802 PAL Color Monitor


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