Genre Audiences Go to the Devil -

Box Office Finals

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Genre Audiences Go to the Devil

BEDAZZLED, LOST SOULS, and EXORCIST find spots in the Top Ten.

By Steve Biodrowski     October 25, 2000

Only three genre films managed to find positions in the Top Ten this weekend, all of them about the Devil, in one form or another. Bedazzled made its debut with $13.12-million. Lost Souls was in 7th with $3.24-million during its sophomore outing, raising its total to $12.88-million. And The Exorcist earned $2.91-million, bringing its release total to $34.82-million. That gave the film a lock on 8th place, after having been in an apparent tie with The Ladies Man, according to Monday's estimates. No other science-fiction, fantasy or horror films earned $1-million or more at the box office, but CyberWorld continued to do well in Imax theatres, earning over $310,000 in only 30 venues, for a per screen average of more than $10,000.

Below are the final figures for the weekend's box office. Included are the Top Ten films, plus any other science-fiction, horror, and fantasy titles to earn a place in the Top Sixty.

U.S. Box Office Finals for 10/20 to 10/22/2000
1.Meet the Parents $16.02-million/$80.72-million
2. Bedazzled$13.11-million/$13.11-million
3.Remember the Titans $9.92-million/$77.36-million
4. Pay It Forward $9.63-million/$9.63-million
5.The Legend of Drunken Master$3.85-million/$3.85-million
6.The Contender$3.86-million/$10.55-million
7.Lost Souls$3.24-million/$12.88-million
8.The Exorcist$2.91-million/$34.82-million
9.The Ladies Man $2.9-million
10.Dr. T and the Women$2.38-million/$9.00-million
15.Digimon: The Movie$901-thousand/$8.54-million
17.Urban Legends: Final Cut$524-thousand/$21.01-million
19.What Lies Beneath$348-thousand/$153.64-million
23.Nutty Professor 2$238-thousand/$122.12-million
24.Space Cowboys$236-thousand/$89.44-million
25.Chicken Run$206-thousand/$106.60-million
32.The Watcher$130-thousand/$28.83-million
33.The Kid$127-thousand/$69.38-million
34.Bless the Child$127-thousand/$29.22-million
36.Scary Movie$113-thousand/$156.08-million
37.The Cell$112-thousand/$60.65-million
49.T-Rex: Back to the Cretaceous$62-thousand/$34.89-million
52.Cirque du Soleil Journey of Man$56-thousand/$7.40-million
59.Alien Adventure$35-thousand/$3.15-million
61.Seigfried and Roy: The Magic Box$20-thousand/$5.14-million


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