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Calibur454 12/27/2009 10:53:29 AM

Yea thisi s a classic series that will continue to remain one down the road. I'm glad to see them still remaining faithful to the actual manga which is also another really nice plus.However I'm still so frustrated with media blasters at this point about their delays in both manga and anime that after this series ends I won't be buying any other media blaster titles until they finish the ones they have already started that I'm interested in. Such as eiken.

I'm really hoping the rest of that series is put out in 2010. also does anyone know about the fate of the rest of the Ghosttalker's Daydream manga? That is Dark horse if I remember right but I havent seen another mention of volume 4 anywhere?

Chris Bev- Can you find anything out about Ghostalker's daydream manga?



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