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Ghost Hound English Cast Revealed

By Chris Beveridge     July 21, 2010
Source: English Track

Ghost Hound Complete Collection
© Sentai Filmworks

The English language adaptation of Ghost Hound is seeing a release in a few territories other than the US and the guessing game for it has just completed in the English Track forum with the shows director, Janice Williams, handling the fun. The series is part of the upgrade program offered by Sentai Filmworks through Right Stuf's site and it's being released on both Blu-ray and DVD.

Director - Janice Williams
ADR Script
s - Clint Bickham

Taro Komori – Voiced by Clint Bickham - a 14 year old boy; quiet, well-behaved and somewhat withdrawn. Eleven years ago, when he was three, he and his older sister were kidnapped. Taro was rescued, but his sister died before they were found. His whole family is still dealing with the aftereffects of the kidnapping. Taro continues to have very vivid dreams of the kidnapping and his sister, and is beginning to have OBEs (out of body experiences). He records what he remembers of his dreams on a tape recorder and has weekly counseling sessions at school to help him deal with it.

Masayuki Nakajima - Voiced by Corey Hartzog - a new transfer student from Tokyo; brash and somewhat obnoxious. He has read a great deal about the kidnapping of the Komori children. He befriends both Taro and Makoto in an attempt to learn more about the kidnapping. Despite his outgoing nature, Masayuki has secrets of his own.

Makoto Ogami – Voiced by Josh Grelle - sullen, withdrawn and hot tempered. Makoto seldom comes to school, preferring to stay home and play his guitar. His father committed suicide shortly after the kidnapping of the Komori children, and as a result it was assumed by many that he was involved. Shortly afterwards, Makoto’s mother left the family and has never return. Makoto is at first resistant to Masayuki’s advances, but eventually comes around. He is a distant relative of the Komori family.

Michio Hoshino – Voiced by Blake Shepard - a classmate of Taro, Masayuki and Makoto. He’s something of a nerd. After Masayuki stands up to some bullies on his behalf, they become good friends.

Miyako Komagusu - Voiced by Brittney Karbowski - the daughter of a local priest; slightly younger than the boys, but she is very mature for her age. Miyako is prone to being possessed by spirits. These possessions never last long or seem to do any harm, but they are becoming more frequent. She helps her father at the shrine, assisting in performing exorcisms and the like.

Dr. Atsui Hirata - Voiced by Jay Hickman - a psychiatrist from Tokyo. He has recently become Taro’s therapist and makes weekly trips to Suiten to counsel him. Calm, cool and always collected, Dr. Hirata is extremely interested in Taro’s OBEs.

Dr. Reika Otori - Voiced by Kaytha Coker - a neurologist who works at the hospital in a nearby town part-time. She also works at Dai Nippon Bio as a bio-tech researcher. She seems to take an unusual interest in Taro and the other boys.

Furusawa - Voiced by Mark X. Lakowski - a lab assistant of Dr. Otori at Dai Nippon Bio. He doesn’t say much, but is aware of what is going on at Dai Nippon Bio.

Yoshiya Komori – Voiced by Justin Doran - Taro’s father; a brewer by trade. Of the Komori family members, he has been best able to cope with the kidnapping and the loss of his daughter.

Miki Komori – Voiced by Kara Greenberg - Taro’s mother. Her mental state has been very fragile ever since the kidnapping. She is on medication, but even seemingly harmless comments can cause her control to teeter on the breaking point.

Kei - Voiced by Shelley Calene-Black - a young woman; the head brewer at the Komori’s brewery. Happy and carefree, a woman in an occupation usually reserved for men. She learned her trade from her grandfather, the former head brewer.

Yashuhiro Nakajima – Voiced by Andrew Love - Masayuki’s father; a researcher at Dai Nippon Bio. He tends to work long hours. He is disappointed in Masayuki’s lack of enthusiasm about school.

Chika Nakajima - Voiced by Melissa Davis - Masayuki’s mother. She spends most of her time playing video games.

Himeko Ogami - Voiced by Monica Rial - Makoto’s grandmother. A domineering old woman who runs a religious sect. She tries to run Makoto’s life and expects him to become the head of the sect after her.

Sanae Ogami - Voiced by Luci Christian - Makoto’s mother. She left shortly after Makoto’s father committed suicide and has been living in a neighboring town ever since. She has had no contact or communication with Makoto since she left.

Noriko Kabata – Voiced by Joanne Bonasso - a middle-aged woman who helps Himeko Ogami.

Kaibara - Voiced by Illich Guardiola - the owner of a small coffee shop; a theoretical physicist by training. His family is wealthy and he owns a large house where he lives with Makoto’s mother.

Takahito Komagusu - Voiced by Christopher Ayres - Miyako’s father; priest of a local shrine. He is a priest only because his family has tended the shrine for many years. Before taking over the care of the shrine, he was a professor of Japanese folklore and mythology. He is very concerned about Miyako and the succession of possessions that she has undergone.

Aya Komagusu – Voiced by Maggie Flecknoe - Miyako’s mother. She divorced Takahito and moved to Tokyo to pursue her own career. She does see Miyako from time to time.

Chiho - Voiced by Hilary Haag - a friend of Miyako’s from school.

Suzuki – Voiced by Rob Mungle - a middle-aged man. He claims to be from the Prefectural Public Relations Department, but is awfully noisy for that to be all of it. Always snooping around and taking pictures.

Saruta – Voiced by Christopher Hutchinson - an old man who has been wandering Japan for many years. Recently, he has more-or-less taken up residence on the mountain near the shrine.

Mayor Motoi - Voiced by John Swasey - the mayor of Suiten, and a typically sleazy local politician. He knew Taro and Makoto’s fathers when they were younger.

Narrator – Voiced by Serena Varghese - as it says; female.



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pluvia33 7/22/2010 6:35:46 AM

I personally don't care about the English dub, but my friend will be disapointed that Crispin Freeman isn't playing the young Alex Rowe (Makoto).

Maximus44 7/22/2010 7:59:46 AM

Illich Guardiola and John Swasey.

This makes about 13 years that they've been doing dubs

janjan27 8/12/2010 10:38:22 PM

 Yeah!!!!  Both Illich and John rock!!!  most dubs should be so lucky to have their talent instead of what passes for Voice Acting at major companies!!!

janjan27 8/12/2010 10:39:10 PM

 Yeah!!!!  Both Illich and John rock!!!  most dubs should be so lucky to have their talent instead of what passes for Voice Acting at major companies!!!

janjan27 8/12/2010 10:44:20 PM

 Also by my count there are three other actors in this cast that have been dubbing longer than John and Illich.  that is awesome that there are so many American VAs that have been in anime for that long!!! Go American VAs!!!! John is so versatile, and Illich's voice is amazing!!!  



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