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Ghostbusters 3 Update

Murray speaks

By Robert T. Trate     June 12, 2012
Source: Indie Wire

Bill Murray Confirms What We Already Know, Says 'Ghostbusters 3' Doesn't Have A "Good Script".
Has it been three years already since the increasingly tired and boring rumors and speculation about Ghostbusters 3 have been kicking around? Well, despite the fact that no one except Dan Aykroyd seems interested in making this thing, Bill Murray is pretty much the lynchpin if this movie ever moves forward. But that won't happen until the script is brought up to par, which has pretty much been the story since day one.
Hitting "The Late Show With David Letterman" last week, the subject of Ghostbusters 3 was brought up -- again -- and an obviously thoroughly disinterested Bill Murray gave an update. "That's about all they want to know at Cannes, too...But, um...They just don't have a really good script. It's hard. Even the second Ghostbusters wasn't as much fun for me as the first one. It's hard to make a sequel. That first one was really funny. It was just so darnn funny, it's hard for me..."
Pressed if there will be another crack at Ghostbusters 3, Murray unconvincingly added, "We'll try...." Good luck Dan.

It's pretty easy to read between the lines here -- or even his body language -- Murray seems pretty much uninterested and would rather talk or be doing about anything and everything else. Speaking of which, Murray once again proved he remains eternally awesome this weeked. During a rain delay in the fourth inning of a game between the Charleston Riverdogs (of which he is part owner) and the Savannah Sand Gnats, Murray hit the slip and slide to entertain the fans. Can we just a get found footage movie of Murray doing stuff? Watch below.

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Mossy1221 6/12/2012 4:11:29 AM

 I almost did not click on this. I assumed it would tell me something I already knew.  And it told me something I already knew.  

We have heard several excusses from several sources on why Bill is not interested in a new Ghostbusters movie.  At this point i do not care if/ when they replace him.  I am just ready for another Ghostbusters movie.  I can live with one or two of the originals.   

I have heard several reasons why Bill Murray does not want to be a part of this movie.  I think I will just pick the one that seems to fit with his tone.  I think Bill does not want to do the film because he will not be the center of focus as he was in the first two.  

DarthBob 6/12/2012 4:45:33 AM

Signs of the apocalypse:

1) Pigs flying

2) Hell freezing over

3) Ghostbusters 3 gets released in theatres

redvector 6/12/2012 5:45:14 AM

It's not just Dan Aykroyd that wants this project done it's the fans and the powers that be at Sony. This the same company that rebooted Spiderman when it's only been a couple a years since the last one. So don't be surprised if Sony decides to start over and go for a remake of the original. At this point that's the only way I think you're going to see a new Ghostbusters movie. And frankly I'd be fine with that, because I'd like to see a fresh take on Ghostbusters.


invisage 6/12/2012 5:58:41 AM

 I will take him at his word that so far he hasn't seen a good script as he is right that the second wasn't as funny/good as the first.

That being said he isn't needed for a new one. As long as slimmer is there its all good :)

7thGuest 6/12/2012 7:08:35 AM

As much as I would like to see all of the original Ghostbusters, I could live without seeing Bill Murray in the third Ghostbusters movie. I just want there to be a third Ghostbusters movie.

If nothing else I wouldn't mind another Ghostbusters game at least since that last one was excellent. But the odds on that are about as good as a third movie.

deathjim 6/12/2012 7:15:34 AM

I would rather not have Bill Murray in it, his charater is my least liked. 

Wiseguy 6/12/2012 7:52:52 AM

I really liked GB, the 2nd one sucked, but I don't have the affinity for it that some have.

I'm pretty ambivalent about any sequels but it does irk me that Murray is holding everyone up in what seems to me like a completely selfish act. I love Murray but I tend to agree with Mossy here

Does he have any rights over GB or can they just write off his character. Start the movie with his corpsed slimed to death and continue on

DarthoftheDead 6/12/2012 8:17:01 AM

Yeah, 2nd one sucked major balls, think they should just make some kind of back story about old team and start with new team, Dan Aykroyd could be their mentor or something.....

DarthBob 6/12/2012 8:31:56 AM

Bill Murray is part owner of the Ghostbusters franchise; GBIII doesn't get made without his green light regardless of his involvement as an actor.

violator14 6/12/2012 8:39:47 AM

As I've said before, I love you Bill Murray, but F you man!!! F YOU!!!

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