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GHOSTBUSTERS III News From Dan Aykroyd

Aykroyd lays the franchise to rest

By Christopher Allan Smith, with Scott Collura reporting     June 26, 2001
Source: Scott Collura, Cinescape correspondent

Before the X-FILES, the only way to deal with the paranormal was to call the GHOSTBUSTERS
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In an interview at THE CURSE OF THE JADE SCORPION press junket, our intrepid correspondent Scott Collura nabbed these last few words on the prospects for a GHOSTBUSTERS 3 from franchise creator/writer Dan Aykroyd.

QUESTION: Once and for all, as of today, final word on GHOSTBUSTERS III?

Aykroyd: You know, in life, one has to be able to let go of things, and I've been able to let go of that and it's been a tremendous liberation for me. For years I was consumed with trying to get that movie made and I wrote a script which is the best devil script or Hell script that has come out of Hollywood. I mean I know that it, I know it's really good.

QUESTION: You don't sound like you let go.

AYKROYD: (laughs) No, I have though, I really have. Now I can call Ivan [Reitman] and Harold [Ramis] and Billy [Murray] and say let's work on something else. But no, it will never happen.

QUESTION: How come?

AYKROYD: It's a rights issue actually. Essentially, it's not something that Billy wants to do again and for some reason, he feels that it's really a vehicle that should remain with the two first movies and he has one fifth of the rights and so he's locking off his rights and saying, "I think we should just leave that period of our time alone and I don't think we should re-visit that." And he's got the power to do that and so we'll move on and do something else. It's tremendously liberating. You know, sometimes in life, your goals and dreams, they have to change by nature of just the way life is and circumstance. And so it was tremendously liberating for me to go to the set of BEDAZZLED and say to Harold, "Harold, we're not going to do this. I'm letting it go. I'm not going to persevere anymore. When I come to you next time it will be a whole new project." And I went to each one of them and I said that, "I'm never going to call you about this movie again." So now we talk about other things.

QUESTION: Were there hard feelings at all?

AYKROYD: No, no, not really. No.

QUESTION: GHOSTBUSTERS is still a great movie.

AYKROYD: Yeah, yeah, the two of them were... they're good companion pieces. Now we have to look at new things.


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