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MrJawbreakingEquilibrium 11/2/2012 10:38:10 AM

It sucks that they felt they needed to change the movie because focus groups or fans are pissed that Duke apparently died in the trailer.  Same thing happened when they changed the Mass Effect 3 ending to appeal to whiners.

Higgy 11/2/2012 10:47:44 AM

Doesn't look like they even changed anything.

lazarus 11/2/2012 10:49:53 AM

You can call me John. John McClaine.

Wiseguy 11/2/2012 10:50:32 AM

I like it, it looks like a great time.

And I just love Adrianne Palicki

WarCry 11/2/2012 10:58:23 AM

 I saw some Rattlers in there. Still looks good. This looks, to me, like the GI Joe movie that should have been made in the first place.

WarCry 11/2/2012 11:03:56 AM

 I will say, I liked the previous music, the remix of Seven Nation Army, from the earlier trailer. This one sounds too generic.

momitchell7 11/2/2012 11:31:21 AM

Actually, I thought there was quite a bit of new footage... We can only hope that it's good!

It's definitely a sequel the first one... Zartan is posing as the US President and Tatum is still Duke (ugh). If that's all that makes it a sequel I'm totally fine with it!

DarthBob 11/2/2012 11:33:32 AM

Looks like some mindless fun!

thezillaman 11/2/2012 12:01:42 PM

 shit, i diden't think the first one was all that bad. though this one does have a slight darker tone to it i think it's going to be a real gooe time at the movies...

ElBaz13 11/2/2012 12:35:22 PM

More Duke in this trailer which means they probably did reshoots and "unkilled" him due to his rising star.

Still looks better than the first turd.

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