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ponyboy76 6/15/2009 5:10:49 PM

"As for Snake-Eyes not being an American looks like you don't read or no your stuff before you comment how bout you do your research first ponyboy 76. Snake-Eyes is an American "

Uhmm, maybe you should do some research or at least read. I was actually talking about the real people. The guy playing Snake Eyes is not AMERICAN. He is Scottish. Ray Park. Get a clue dude!

Hey Jrod, the fact that you need a movie to have motivated you to join the military is sad in itself and you should be pretty ashamed. I know plenty of soldiers that did it because they felt it was the right thing to do. Don't dishonor them by spouting that crap.

Matador 6/15/2009 7:01:03 PM

Hold on a minute here jedibanner let me clear something up and while your at it go back to playing with your eco-friendly lego building rocks. I never once said I was Army though I do respect them too, but I all I did say was I am in the military.

And the Military in which all Military branches are composed of men and woman who sacrifice themselfes day in and day so you can feel safe while you play with yourself in your daddy's basement. Cause you don't even have the stones to do what they do. Hell yeah I'm proud of every single one of them! Can you say the same about your neighborhood child molester.

Now granted there are a few bad apples in the military but guess what there are ten times more bad apples around your corner too that are none military.  

As for GI Joe within every story every Joe came from a military branch they just chose the best to be a part of the Joe's team. After they were done with a tour in the Joe's team guess what they go back to there respected military branch of service.  And guess what all the Joe's were U.S American's becuase they got picked from U.S Miliary. And if I'm wrong school me I'm always glad to get educated.

Yes its a kids show made by Americans for the American kids for adults to spend money on toys but guess what it made around the world too.

What the fuck has NASA anything to do with GI Joe and terrorists!  Guess what genius NASA was born in good old USA and get ready for this who works with NASA hand in hand US Air Force ...gasp..

Last time I heard the only people fighting terrorists are hhhhmmmmm..... US maybe I don't know.  How about jedibanner you tell me who the hell is fighting terrorists.

And yes people GI Joe is just another fucking popcorn movie for the summer! But can anyone out there even know what  the defintiton to GI Joe actually stand for and not that crock of shit that Stephen Sommers new meaning to it.

To jedibanner just the facts ma'am.

Matador 6/15/2009 7:19:30 PM

To ponyboy76 my apologies did not know you were refering to the actor and not the character itself within the movie. So yeah I did missunderstand you if that was waht you meant. And yes I new Ray Park was not an American does not mean his still not a bad ass.

"ponyboy76 - Hey Jrod, the fact that you need a movie to have motivated you to join the military is sad in itself and you should be pretty ashamed. I know plenty of soldiers that did it because they felt it was the right thing to do. Don't dishonor them by spouting that crap."


 Please dude really GI Joe motivated me to join the military when was the last time a Joe died in a cartoon from the 80s. Not knowing that you might not come back if you do join the military is the first thing that will go though your mind when you enlist. You have to be an idiot thinking your going to be invincible in the military.

Yes I do talk allot of trash sometimes but me being ashamed because I joined the military........ hardly. I'm more prouder to be an American than I was before. How can I dishonor them to request that I just wanted GI Joe to be part of the US military movie. Stephen Sommers and company did that.

But like I said before its just a summer popcorn flick I was just expecting more out of it. I probably won't see in theatres unless its free. But I will be seeing Transformers 2 at the IMAX.

jedibanner 6/16/2009 5:37:05 AM

''And the Military in which all Military branches are composed of men and woman who sacrifice themselfes day in and day so you can feel safe ''

Geez, is that Mr. Bush talking or Jrod....

You can say whatever you want but this is a kids show and nothing more. IT's now a movie...does it have to be that serious and become this ''military bla bla bla save the world bla bla bla''? What, you think America is the only country with the army? You actually believe the US army is the only one fighting all around the world?  Geez you are so full of crap, CRAP!!! And the main reasons I mentionned NASA was because yes it's built in America but if you read a book once in a while, you would know it's not just the US Air Force that goes into the training of NASA but pilots all around the world....just like the scientist who work there are from all around the world.....oh, also, didi I mention that NASA uses parts and materials from all around the world to build the shuttles? So, just like GI JOE, it's not just about America and the US and all that crap. It's about people gathering to help a world threat.

Geez Jrod, do you work for Fox Network or what????

Matador 6/16/2009 9:19:35 AM

No I never was pro-Bush as you put it I'm much more a fan of Obama to be honest with you. You can never say that you lost a comrade or friend in the military that yes we all joined for different reasons. It dosen't always have to be about doing the right thing just a different type of job.

And I agree with you that it was just a kids show to sell toys just like Transformers. But guess what it was based by military toys when they started the GI Joe franchise.

I never said I wanted the movie to be serious just less Power Rangery. What was fun about the cartoons was Cobra Commader had outragous schemes to take over the world that never would fall through. Seemed he had incompetent troops who never shot straight but new how to yell Cobra very well. So the Joe's were out numbered 10 to 1 but always came out on top becuase they were better trained. Oh and the only badass (opinon) was Snake-Eyes so in the movie everyone is like Snake-Eyes. (Raising Bullshit Flag) All the Joe's were cool they just were different in the skills department. And not impervious to harm. Checkout GI Joe Resolute I would gladly waist all my bucks on more of this type of GI Joe material.

Dude seriously what do you have against the Army? I never ever said the Army was the only one fighting around the world I said military in general including Army, Marines, Navy, Air Force and even Coast Guard.

Yes NASA gets Pilots from all Military Branches everyone knows this but when the hell has NASA ever faced a global threat Sherlock. NASA is its own element nothing to do with wars or threats unless they start using lasers from space shooting pin point targets to help the Military.

If you haven't read anything I typed I am in the military not Fox you jackass.

jedibanner 6/16/2009 11:53:42 AM

To make it simple, I don't have anything against any army in the world (but yes I am against Bush but then again, who isn't) and I just though the type of messages sometimes army lovers put out there becomes too much of an easy, rehersed and repetitive message, gracefully and shamelously provided by the Fox network so, that's why i said that one, it was my humour since I did read that you were in the military ...sure might not be funny for everyone but still.

All this talk is a bit far away from the subject of the movie but I guess, sometimes things gets personal and obviously, something touch a cord for both me and you Jrod. Don't take it too personally, I try not to and if you were offended, it wasn't my intention (ok...sorry, that Fox joke was but only that).

I am as patriotic as the next guy but I guess it always feel a bit strange when people try to enforce certain restriction like language, origin or even color of skin for actors all around the world to play a fictional character (this not particular to you jrod, just in general from what I've read so far on many talkbacks).  This goes also for the upcoming Captain America movie (which anyone can see my poste on the subject) where I don't think it matters where an actor comes from. It's the part they play that's important...and also to the fact that just as much as GI JOE or Cap, in both cases they are the frst one to applicate the idea and respect that it doesn't matter where your from, we are all human beings who share one planet...let's live together instead of trying to encourage restriction around the world.

That's my message....so jrod, no hard feeling, for anyone else who feels to advocate for just american actors and all that, all the power to you, I just don't understand it.

Matador 6/16/2009 8:05:45 PM

Its all good but I agree with some conversations can get a bit heated. So I too should apolgize for taking it too serious.

True but sometimes it just sweetens the pot when they do try to saty close to the material that has lasted close to 20 0r 50 years of its pop culture. Hey we all grow up watching something we liked since we were kids.

I was just pissy that GI Joe just looked way invincible with them power suits. Just would have preferred to not have them just added that extra danger and suspense to the film.

As For Cap, hey I like Will Smith but I don't want to see him as Cap it's like giving The Black Panther or Luke Cage be played by Jet Li or Chuck Norris. (Yeah tried to be funny there.)

No biggie I'll try not to go all FOX on you next time and actually I don't care if the actor is from another country as long as they can bring out the character there playing. Hey look at Robert Downy Jr. had an awsome role in in Tropic Thunder who played a dude who was playing another  dude.

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