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Giffen and Denton's 'Wonderworld' optioned

By Rob M. Worley     June 28, 2004


Keith Giffen and ShannonDenton, creators of the comic "Wonderworld," have announced thatKnickKnack Productions has optioned the comic property for development as afeature film. Julian Zolkin of KnickKnack Productions is the executive who tookan interest in the property and pushed for KnickKnack to acquire the rights.Comic and movie fans may be familiar with Zolkin's work as the head ofdevelopment for Amen Ra Films, Wesley Snipes' production company, which hasproduced such films as "Blade," "Blade 2," and "Murderat 1600."

Denton explains the premise ofWonderworld; "The story appears in the latest Komikwerks anthology Nuts& Bolts. It's the story of a teenage girl in Southern California who findsout she and her mother escaped from a land of magic when she was a baby. Shemust now confront the Dark Forces that have finally tracked them down."

The story was created andwritten by Shannon Denton and Keith Giffen, and features art by Caroline Hu andDenton.

As to how Zolkin and KnickKnackProductions became aware of the story and its creators, Denton explained,"My managers, Circle of Confusion, sent me in for a pitch with WesleySnipes' company, Amen Ra Films. I met with Julian there, who loved the projectand decided to option it under her own banner, KnickKnack Productions. Keith'sand my interest in working with KnickKnack came from Julian's sheer enthusiasmfor the project and her desire to find a screenwriter that could adapt thematerial rather than change it. We're talking to some writers now that wethink are perfect for this project. More news on that soon."

For those interested in seeingthe source material for Wonderworld, you can read the original story by Giffen,Denton and Hu in the Komikwerks anthology entitled Nuts and Bolts which isavailable at your local comics shop, or online at


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