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Giffen, Richie Hold Dominion Over Image

By Rob M. Worley     September 04, 2002

C2F spokewith comic great Keith Giffen and Mage producer Ross Richie about their newcomic-book series Dominion. The concept is part of the upcomingshared superhero universe from Image Comics and is already garnering interestfrom parties in Hollywood.

The premise for the comic is thatAustralia has become ground zero for an alien contagion that grants super powersto the infected.

"It's Invasionof the Body Snatchers with superheroes," Giffen told us. "Analien contagion, a virus, actually the first life-form created out of the bigbang, it's been around billions and billions of years traveling from planet toplanet taking over, creating a dominion. When they run the planet dry they moveon."

Giffen said hewas inspired by the futuristic scenes from the Terminator moviesin which flying robot drones rain death and destruction on a devastated humanpopulace. "I thought, what if that was Superman?"

Co-creatorRichie describes Dominion's top super-entity. "The indexcase, the first person to catch this alien outbreak, is the guy who is the lastguy in the world who should get that kind of power. He's an incredibly smartindividual and he uses [his powers] to dominate."

Richie adds,"Our big catch phrase is 'Look! Up in the sky! Oh my God! Ahhhhhh!'"

Many areinfected and attain super-powers and a hierarchy forms among the malevolent,super-humans. With normal humans in great peril a resistance breaks out toprevent the newly-formed dominion from taking hold.

Althoughcreator-owned, the comic is to be part of Image's shared-universe of superherotitles. Richie said, "Originally we wanted to set the story in the USA, butbecause the story takes place in a shared super-hero universe, the Image guyswere nice enough to give us Australia and that section."

Giffen isplotting and penciling the title. Richie is plotting and scripting. Claude St.Aubin is providing the inks. The comic is due out in January.


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