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Giffen talks LOBO Movie


By Rob M. Worley     September 04, 2009
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Comics2Film: LOBO
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'Lobo' creator Keith Giffen talks about the movie. Plus: New 'Surrogates' clips online. 'Green Hornet' faces heavy competition. 'Tintin' set photos and more. Asking for an end to videos that use that Hitler clip from 'Downfall', it's your Comics2Film 9.9.4!




Variety reports that Sony's 'Green Hornet' will face some stiff competition in its new timeslot. Disney has just placed their buzzed-about 'Tron Legacy' update in the December 17, 2010 timeslot as well. Sony also has 'The Smurfs' set to unspool that weekend although they'll likely move it to avoid competing with themselves. Warner Bros. has a 'Yogi Bear' film that may launch on the 17th as well.



HUMAN TARGET: Title, Spoilers For Episode #2

KryptonSite's Target419 has posted spoilers from the second episode of FOX's 'Human Target' TV adaptation, set to air in January 2010. The show stars Mark Valley as the DC Comics/Vertigo character, a security expert who embeds himself in the lives of the clients he's working to protect.



SUPERMAN Restraining Order

Producer Jon Peters is already infamous among Comics2Film fans as the man who helped get nipples on the Batman costume and insisted on giant spiders and polar bear fights in Kevin Smith's 'Superman' screenplay.

Now the New York Post is publishing new details in the sordid dispute between Peters and 'Superman' co-producer, Brian Quintana, who has secured a restraining order against Peters.

According to the Post, Peters threatened Quintana with physical violence after an August 12 deposition as part of the sexual harassment lawsuit Quintana filed against the Hollywood mogul.

"Mr. Peters threatened to break my legs. I am afraid, nervous and anxious that Jon Peters is going to hurt or kill me," Quintana stated in an August 14 police report. Peters is now forbidden from coming within 100 yards of his former partner.

Quintana's harassment suit alleges that Peters sexually roughed him up and subjected him to "continuous and pervasive sexual harassment," including "multiple instances where he was physically [and] sexually harassed by Peters."

Peters' own attorneys call the restraining order "ridiculous."

Peters is no longer attached to the Batman franchise, but produced 'Superman Returns' and is attached to the planned Man of Steel sequels.



Hawkins talks ALIBI Movie

MTV Splash Page checked in with Top Cow prexy Matt Hawkins to discuss the announced feature film version of the comic 'Alibi'. Last month, Mandeville Films (the producers of 'Surrogates')  unveiled plans for the feature.

Hawkins said they're still in the early stages of the project and talking to screenwriters, all of the them A-listers.

The movie focuses on a set of twins, one of them a high-profile celebrity socialite, the other a hit man, who uses his brother's fame as his cover, as the world at large is unaware there are two of them.

"I think 'Alibi' would pose a challenging role for any actor, because they would have to play both roles. I can’t think of any twins available that would be good for a sort of 'Jason Bourne'-style role," Hawkins said. "It's interesting, because on one side you have a guy who is basically going to play a sort of soft, socialite kind of person, and at the same time he'll also have to be Jason Bourne."

While there's been no casting discussions so far, Hawkins names actors like Sam Worthington, Brad Pitt and Matt Damon as the model for the type they're looking for.

Click through for more of Hawkins' comments on the project.



TINTIN Photos Online

Spanish-language website has some sanctioned of Steven Spielberg on the green-screen set of 'The Adventures of Tintin: The Secret of the Unicorn'.




The Movie Box has three new ads for 'Surrrogates' posted on YouTube in non-embeddable form.

Watch them here, here and here.



Giffen talks  LOBO Movie

Back in 1983, comics writers Keith Giffen and Roger Slifer created the character Lobo, an intergalactic bounty hunter, as a throwaway villain in the pages of the middling comic 'Omega Men'. And like a cockroach that can't be squashed Lobo has returned again and again as a mocking anti-hero badass with a mean sense of humor and a meaner temper.

Now, over 25 years later, Warner Bros has announced plans for a 'Lobo' movie to film next year under director Guy Ritchie and producer Joel Silver. Comics2Film at asked Giffen for his reaction to the announcement.

"I'm amazed it's actually going to happen. It's been kicked around so long," Giffen told  us, and then laughed over some of the reports in the Hollywood trade. "I had no idea Lobo was blue! All these years."

So is he worried about the direction of the film?

"I've got the concerns that everyone has when they see one of the characters they created when the go into film. I'm not as radical as Alan Moore going, 'I don't want a damn thing to do with it,' but I'm not as enthusiastic as Mark Millar," he said. "I'm optimistic about the potential for the film, but it's a cautious optimism."

Part of that caution extends to the choice of director.

"I think Guy Ritchie is a good choice for director or a horrible choice for director," the outspoken comics creator said, continuing, "depending on whether  we've got 'Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels' Guy Ritchie, which is a good thing or we've got 'Swept Away' Guy Ritchie, in which case it's 'Tank Girl.'"

Giffen admits that he's not bothered by the PG-13 rating that has been cited as the target for the film. For him it's all about getting the tone right.

"I would hope we'd get a kind of edgy, bizarre type of movie. Are they going to do Lobo as a snarling, sarcastic Jason Vorhees from outer space? Or is it Snake Pliskin in mime makeup?"

The comics creator also said he has no preferences for casting at this point. "If it were five years ago I would cast Andrew Bryniarski, the guy who plays Leatherface," Giffen said. Years ago Bryniarski lobbied hard for the role, going as far as to create makeup and costume tests to try to sell himself as the lead to Silver. The producer never bit, although Bryniarski eventually got a taste of his dream when he starred in the 2002 AFI

student film


The Lobo Paramilitary Christmas Special


"Get an unknown and make him a star instead of giving the money to a star," is the comic writer's preference, "If it's, 'Mel Gibson as Lobo,' it kind of stops being a Lobo movie and starts being a Mel Gibson movie."

Giffen said when the movie hits theaters he'll be first in line to see it.

"I told my Lobo stories. I'm a happy camper. I wish them all the luck in the world," Giffen said, and to Guy Ritchie: "I hope you knock it out of the ballpark."

Fans can find Giffen writing several DC Comics titles, including 'Magog' (which debuted this week), 'Doom Patrol', 'the Authority' and more.


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Wiseguy 9/4/2009 7:39:37 AM

Alibi sounds like a job for Jean Claude VanDamme since he has the most experience at playing dual roles. This sounds weak, the premise seems tired

When Peters decided to put nipples on the Bat suit everyone should've taken the hint and headed for the hills.

I said it yesterday, the Green Hornet is gonna get raped by Boo Boo. Sony I think knows they have a loser in their hands, don't be surprised if they decide to stash it for Jan or Feb where movies usually go to die. If it goes up against Tron it'll get slaughtered

sldr4chrst 9/4/2009 8:02:49 AM

A Lobo movie would be awesome to see, since being a fan of him for so long. But, they would have to do a bang up job with him and keep him true to the take no prisoners "bastich!" everyone knows he is. Guy please don't screw up our Lobo!!

Wiseguy 9/4/2009 8:38:57 AM

Apparently Giffen hasn't been involved in the process for the film yet he's quick to assert that it's ridiculous to assume the makers used Drax's mini for inspiration. I guess he's clairvoyant.

I'm not a Lobo fan by any means, I found the character too out there even by comic book standards. Being able to regenerate himself makes him dull since he can't be killed and the space chopper? was just too much. I guess bikers are "universal" in DC's universe

savagelee 9/4/2009 9:06:53 AM

 I love that Giffen's scope of comic-2-movie responses range from "Alan Moore" to "Mark Millar". 

"Well, you can either take your name off a project which doesn't respect your original concept and thereby cling to some sense of integrity, or you can wrap your lips around it and work the shaft like you're getting paid by the hour to suck it dry."

I'd like to see more comparisons between those scales. "Well, you can work real hard to write something of substance, with character, that really transcends preconceived notions of the medium and becomes an example of true literary art, or you can just pump out a bunch of homophobic dick jokes where all the characters talk in first-person caption blocks because writing actual character dialogue is a little too hard when you're spending all your time masturbating to your own image at imdb."


littlemikey979 9/4/2009 9:39:24 AM

WHO THE HELL IS PICKING THE CHARACTERS THAT ARE GETTING MOVIES MADE. Of all the DC line up they pick Lobo, not that he is not worthy of a movie but why him. I wish the fans could get to see the thought process on how and why characters are picked. You would think with the bank comic movies are bringing in they would go with a more main stream character. But then again maybe thats why i am not in to movie business and just a looser at home on his computer.

pilgram 9/4/2009 10:10:10 AM

Giffen seems to confirm what I said earlier. I hope he is involved.

DeeJay4ADay 9/4/2009 10:21:48 AM

Wiseguy... yeah, Lobo never did much for me, either.  Though the dynamics behind his fight with Shazam/Captain Marvel were pretty interesting, I've yet to get past the idea that he seems to be a galactic version of a guy kicked-out of "Kiss."  the funniest thing is the way the Lobo character was treated in the Justice League Unlimited cartoons.  He was written as strict comic relief with close to no redeeming value.  the irritation he generated in league members quite possibly represented the contempt some of the show creators had for the character.

fft5305 9/4/2009 10:22:24 AM

I agree, littlemikey. Lobo would have been pretty low on my list of priorities.

silversurfer 9/4/2009 11:41:13 AM

Quintana's harassment suit alleges that Peters sexually roughed him up and subjected him to "continuous and pervasive sexual harassment," including "multiple instances where he was physically [and] sexually harassed by Peters."


This entire statement is exactly what was wrong with Superman Returns....

No wonder it didn't make any sense....this all kinds of ridiculous....

Chopsaki 9/4/2009 12:37:45 PM

If you havn't watched Kevin Smith talk about Jon Peters in "An Evening With Kevin Smith" you should check it out was pretty funny.

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