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The gritty new Adult Swim toon from the mind of Warren Ellis

By Rob M. Worley     April 17, 2009

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Hasbro and Cartoon Network's [Adult Swim] have announced that the new 11-episode animated series 'G.I. Joe: Resolute' goes online today. The serialized show, made for adults who grew up on the classic toon, is written by none other than comics great Warren Ellis.

UPDATED: Episodes 1-3 are online now. Click and view...

And here's the trailer:

The first five-minute episode goes online today at AdultSwim.com. Additional five-minute segments will be rolled out on the site coninuously until the 10-minute finale airs on the [Adult Swim] TV broadcast at midnight on April 25th.

The entire series will be available online after the midnight broadcast.

"In a very exciting year for the G.I. JOE brand, we’re thrilled to be able to bring the G.I. Joe: Resolute animated series to the adult G.I. JOE fan," said Michael Verrecchia, Director of G.I. JOE Entertainment Marketing.  "Adult Swim is the perfect broadcast platform to deliver the series, which features a more sophisticated animation style and story than prior animation."

Hasbro developed the animation with executive producer Sam Register as well as a powerhouse creative team at Titmouse Studios including Joaquim Dos Santos, a veteran animation director, who worked closely with award-winning comic writer Warren Ellis, who penned the entire series. This highly regarded team brings an edgy, intense feel to the series, which will feature the most popular characters in the G.I. JOE vs. COBRA canon.  Iconic characters such Duke, Snake Eyes, Scarlett and Roadblock will do battle with Cobra Commander, Destro, Baroness and Storm Shadow.

Fans can learn more about G.I. Joe: Resolute by visiting GIJoeResolute.com.


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OmegaDean 4/17/2009 5:59:23 AM

This looks HOT!!!  I guess I'll be trollngthe Adultswim site for the next week or so.  If  this is any idication of the movie then oh yeah...but we all know that's pipe dream

sinned 4/17/2009 6:36:16 AM

Anywhere I can see this in Canada?

xenomorph 4/17/2009 7:06:45 AM

Adultswim.com always has the best games.

gauleyboy420 4/17/2009 8:22:42 AM

2 words...



countzenith 4/17/2009 9:02:53 AM

Snake eyes with a killing blow.  Wow!  I'm a big fan of Warren Ellis so I have my fingers crossed on this one.

Because I live in Canada, I had to watch the trailer on Youtube.  Adultswim annoyes me that way.  I had to find the 3rd season of Venture Bros. on other sources to watch it.  I don't think it has been televised up here yet but you can get the DVDs now.

violator14 4/17/2009 9:20:15 AM

YES!!!! YES!!! YESSSS!!!!!!!!! looks pretty amazing.

This is the kind of shit ive been waiting for. They should bring back all the old skool cartoons "adultswim" style, and make tons of money! Anybody remember Thunder Cats, Voltron, or even Bionic Six?  haha

I'd love to see an Adultswim version of the Ninja Turtles too.  Dayam..... the possibilities.... =T

Wiseguy 4/17/2009 1:44:53 PM

This will be better than the movie.

I was never a fan of any of these toys turned comics/cartoon. So my hopes for the film aren't high at all but I doubt it'll be this good or violent.

laforcer69@yahoo.com_home 4/17/2009 2:53:11 PM


Duggernaut 4/17/2009 3:29:46 PM

I wish they did a weekly show like this as i bet it would get huge ratings! Looking forward to seeing it!

WarCry 4/17/2009 5:55:28 PM

The first two are up, and the third is at YouTube already....

If they don't make this into a regular series, then they're just waving bubye to a huge pile of cash. I'm already waiting for the DVD announcement for this,,,,

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