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Girl Gamer

Guys, get your ladies playing WarioWare!

By James Stevenson     June 27, 2003

It was just a normal night, my girlfriend Sarah, and our mutual friend, Abby, were sitting around with me hanging out. It was one of those lazy nights, where the conversation was progressing along, but mainly we were just lying around. Then Sarah noticed my Game Boy Advance SP, sitting quietly on my desk charging. My copy of ADVANCE WARS 2 was still inside, as I had been working on my review of the title.

She turned it on and laid down on the floor, I told her to give it to me and let me give her a different game. You don't get many opportunities to get a girl playing games, and when you do, you have to make sure they aren't firing up a complicated or in-depth game. You need something quick and to the point, WARIOWARE MEGA MICROGAME$ was the perfect answer. After fighting her for the Game Boy and putting in the game I handed it back to her.

A little background on Sarah's gaming experience: She owns an N64, mainly for SUPER MARIO 64 (where she collected all 120 stars and found Yoshi "on top of that building thing"), and MARIO KART 64, where she's as good as I am. So she does have some experience playing videogames and wasn't turned off the first time I told her I made money writing about them for a magazine.

Within minutes, Sarah was laughing her head off and enjoying the game. Next thing I know, we're downstairs and have it plugged into my Game Boy Player, Sarah continuing to laugh her head off while attempting the different mini-games, me sitting in my chair with a very contented look on my face, and Abby looking at the two of us in disgust.

Sarah left my house that night with my old model Game Boy Advance and copy of WARIOWARE with her. She now carries it around in her purse, and while you aren't supposed to mix your passions, I must say the whole idea of her carrying around a Game Boy Advance brings a smile to my face. In fact,


I'm already planning a date for us where we're going to start working on getting all of the Shines in MARIO SUNSHINE.

So, for next week's Gamers Answer, how many girls have you met that are into gaming (or if not into gaming, would at least play games with the guys)? And if so, what were your impressions of them? E-mail me at and let me know for next week's Gamers Answer


We asked you to pick between STAR WARS GALAXIES and the FROZEN THRONE expansion for WARCRAFT III, here's the response we got (yeah, so Troy writes crappy questions that you probably couldn't answer because most of you aren't on the public beta for both)...

 Travis Blankenship - "I'd have to say I would pick GALAXIES . GALAXIES is the most scenic and beautiful game to be released yet. Planets at night are simply breath taking, and looting villans and gaining experience keeps me playing the game for hours on end."


Ubi Soft is planning the next SPLINTER CELL game for release by March... STAR WARS GALAXIES has been having server issues that LucasArts is promising to resolve... The ESRB is changing its rating system to better identify games with adult content... The County of St. Louis will appeal the court ruling striking down its ban on sales of violent videogames

Super Mario Sunshine

to minors...


For fans of  WARCRAFT, the FROZEN THRONE expansion is definitely worth picking up. Check it out.

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