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Giving Back to the Community

Penny Arcade's Child's Play 2004 kicks off

By James Stevenson and Troy Roberts     October 22, 2004

Child's Play helps bring smiles to sick kids by using video games and the kindness of gamers.
© Penny Arcade

Last year, the masterminds behind the Penny-Arcade comic strip ( decided to give something back by running a drive to collect toys, an more importantly, videogames to send to the Seattle Children's Hospital.

This year, they're back at it with Child's Play 2004 ( and are supporting five hospitals around the country. With a lot of the bad press the gaming community gets, this is a wonderful way to send a great message to the mainstream media as well as brighten the lives of some kids going through a hard time.

To help out with this year's drive, hit up the website. There are options ranging from buying the product off of a wish list from (items on the lists aren't just videogames either, everything from coloring books to Lego is included) or donating money via PayPal. Last year, Tycho and Gabe's Penny-Arcade fans contributed well over a quarter million dollars. An amazing feat, and one that hopefully can be eclipsed by the campaign to spread the word. Even if you can't contribute much, tell your friends, and check out the site. JS

I'm waiting to see this get mentioned in the news somewhere. As much bad press as the video game industry receives, it's about time we had a mention of something good going on within the industry. I know that this is likely to get lost in the craze for GRAND THEFT AUTO: SAN ANDREAS and HALO 2 (and the whole holiday season, to be honest), but it is good to hear that something like this is going on. While some parents may not agree that children need to be playing video games, few should be able to resist helping these children out with what they want the most, even if it is something you may not approve of. TR



Much like last week, one of this year's hottest titles has been found on the internet for download, this time Rockstar's GRAND THEFT AUTO: SAN ANDREAS...Raven Software has announced that it is already working on the sequel to X-MEN LEGENDS...In a remake of the classic Genesis game, PROJECT ALTERED BEAST will release early next year in Japan...World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) has asked a court to nullify its contract with game maker THQ citing bribery...


Probably one of the biggest titles this year hits the Playstation 2 in the

Child's Play helps bring smiles to sick kids by using video games and the kindness of gamers.

form of Rockstar's GRAND THEFT AUTO: SAN ANDREAS. This is the one title to own this week. Also shipping this week is the second series of the Classic NES games for the Game Boy Advance, including METROID, CASTLEVANIA, DR. MARIO and ZELDA II: ADVENTURES OF LINK, along with GRAND THEFT AUTO ADVANCE. OUTRUN 2 and DEAD OR ALIVE ULTIMATE ship for Xbox fans, and PS2 owners can also look forward to ACE COMBAT 5 and YU-GI-OH! CAPSULE MONSTER COLISEUM in addition to GTA. PC fans can eagerly await the release of STAR WARS GALAXIES: JUMP TO LIGHTSPEED, the first expansion for the massive online game.

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