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The Emperor at Star Wars Celebration Europe 2

Ian McDiarmid to hold court in Germany

By Robert T. Trate     March 06, 2013
Source: Star Wars Celebration 2

Star Wars Celebration 2 will have the darkest of Sith in attendance. The Emperor, Ian McDiarmid,  himself will present at Essen, Germany. McDiarmid will join host Warwick Davis, Steve Sansweet, Dave Filoni, Pablo Hidalgo, with more Star Wars alumni to come. 

Mania has been toying with the idea of attending Star Wars Celebration 2. What do you think Maniacs? Will you be venturing off to Europe for Star Wars Celebration 2

Check out the official press release as well as the trailer below. To order tickets and see all the details for Star Wars Celebration 2 here.

“The Emperor is coming to the biggest Star Wars party in Europe, July 26-28, 2013 in Essen, Germany.

Ian McDiarmid, the actor who unforgettably played the evil galactic mastermind and the ultimate villain of the Star Wars Saga, will make a rare convention appearance at Star Wars Celebration Europe, appearing on-stage and signing autographs.

This summer’s event will mark the first Celebration in Europe at which the highly sought-after actor will appear to sign autographs and chat on the Celebration Stage, offering attendees a rare opportunity to hear about the making of Star Wars from his perspective.

In 1983, McDiarmid embodied the full depth of the dark side as the Emperor in Star Wars: Episode VI Return of the Jedi, his face hidden under intensive makeup and his eyes concealed behind yellow contact lenses. When his true face was revealed as the apparently kind and helpful Senator Palpatine in Star Wars: Episode I The Phantom Menace (1999), he projected a different kind of evil – a subtle manipulator of galactic events, a villain hidden in plain sight. As the prequels progressed, so too did Palpatine’s plans until finally, in Revenge of the Sith (2005), McDiarmid got to play evil at its fullest, and revealed the true power of Darth Sidious.

Star Wars Celebrations bring fans of all ages together, from all points of the globe, to celebrate the pop-culture phenomenon that is Star Wars. From its young fans of Star Wars: The Clone Wars to die-hards fueled by the nostalgia for the original Star Wars trilogy; curious, casual followers; gamers, readers, costumers or collectors — there's something for everyone at Celebration”.


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thezillaman 3/6/2013 5:42:46 PM

 hahahahabababgahgahah, oh boy. darth maul looks like he just took a hit of crack' .. 

jedibanner 3/6/2013 5:45:48 PM

Nice, wish I could go.

thezillaman 3/6/2013 5:48:38 PM

 fuck bring that here to the United Snakes of America, looks like fun and i know my kids would just love it. my kids are more Star Wars fans than me..

Miner49er 3/6/2013 6:26:39 PM

Whoopty Do. I get to meet Ian, along with Carrie Fisher in Calgary next month.

RobertTrate 3/6/2013 7:14:16 PM

 It was in Florida last year thezillaman

DarthBob 3/7/2013 5:27:34 AM

I'd love to be there just to see the crazies out in full force; sounds like good time.

vagabondster 3/7/2013 7:40:42 AM

 Mania should go, I love reading about these cons. wish I could go to one..

RobertTrate 3/7/2013 9:27:39 AM

 We are working on it vagabondster

millean 3/7/2013 12:02:10 PM

Can't go to this, but it looks like I'm actually going to the SDCC this year.  My friends backed out last time we tried to go (and it was their idea), but it looks like they are fully committed this time (complete with badges, hotel & airline reservations).

Hope you get to go to this, Bob!



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