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swisshammer 3/23/2010 2:04:11 PM

Violator: The game totally satisfies a need to break things and pumel monsters! If you've ever played the other God of War games, you'll love this one! Same exciting gameplay, but it's the most beautiful game I have ever seen.

fatpantz 3/23/2010 10:03:58 PM

Pretty simplistic, basic button mashing game-wise...but addicting, bloody fun.  The game is just too beautiful to not enjoy.  No one has mentioned the fantastic voice acting...Rip Torn, Malcolm McDowell, and my favorite....Kevin Sorbo as Hercules!! lol

Anyways, a very fun game...well worth the hype...now that i am finished it, I can get back to my FF13

stpeteharry 3/24/2010 12:45:43 AM

Great Article Hanso.  Much better than the previous garbage that was originally posted.  I have to say I agree completely.  I sat down and played this game the first day it came and out and was hooked.  The next thing I knew 10 hours had passed and I was at the end.  My wife couldn't quit watching and sat there the whole time in awe of it's greatness.  The only problem with the God of War games is they beat all other games so badly other than maybe Uncharted that it's depressing.  Also I have to say I loved the first person camera angle that made it feel as though Kratos was destroying you.  It was so brutal I looked at my wife and said "Man it feels like I was just in a Scorcese movie.  There is no way this is the last God of War........at least it better not be because at the end of the day God of War sells game systems.

everdreaded 3/24/2010 8:13:15 AM

I too thought somewhere along the line they would introduce the brother of Kratos, but I remember saying more or less that because of the change in the development teams or such between the first and second GOW games, they werent giving those extras/hints at future tales heavy thought...but who knows, i hope they do...

...and i dont know which battle boss to choose as best, Poseidon was a beast, Hades was a friggin mess that had me cursin up a storm and that Hercules beatdown was PRICELESS! LOL!

splitmaster 3/25/2010 9:23:20 AM

The Single Player Campaign was the most amazing experience I have had on the PS3 to date.  That being said, the Olympus Challenge is one of the most retarded things I have ever seen!  The challenges are next to impossible and only make you want to throw your controller through the wall.

swisshammer 3/25/2010 11:41:20 AM

Just beat it last night! Wow. I have some thoughts, though.





I thought that the battle with Zeus wasn't big enough. I mean, the guy is the king of the gods, and his battle was smaller than the one with Poseiden. Also, I thought Hades was a bit too difficult compared to the rest of the boss battles. What makes him so freakin' hard?!?!?!

The Labyrinth was amazing. I have no complaints there. The battles inside were great and the puzzles were entertaining.

My biggest problem with the game was that I was completely maxed out on weapons about two-thirds of the way through. Then, whenever there was a box with red orbs, it meant nothing to me. So, in my opinion, they could have had more unlockable items for you to use in the last stretch of the game. But overall, it was a fun game and I'm definitely going to play it again.

hanso 3/25/2010 5:27:54 PM

The Olympus Challenges are pretty difficult especially the one where you have to be turned into stone 10 times.  That one really kicked my ass, I suggest you do that one last.  It took me awhile but I got all of them done, I'm going for the Platinum trophy.

Swiss - You gotta remember this is the second time Kratos has faced Zeus, the first time Zeus was a giant they couldn't go any bigger.  I'm playing the game in Titan mode and I'm finding that last battle much more difficult than Hades.  I liked the 2D style aspect of the Zeus battle and the first person view towards then end was awesome too.

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