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Godannar!! - Afterthoughts

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My review for Godannar!! hit the site yesterday. Sadly, I thought the review was due to be posted on the 24th. Hence, the late blog post to accompany it. I plan on writing up blog posts to accompany each review from this point going forward, if only to pass on some thoughts I've had since watching and writing the review for a show. If you have any ideas, comment or suggestions, please let me know.
Godannar!! features four or five mecha with breasts. They jiggle. They not only house weapons, but they jiggle. Robots with the full on Gainax bounce working hard throughout the 26 episodes. This got me thinking. What other female mecha are we aware of in the annals of anime's super robot history? I'm talking full on robots. Not cyborgs or robots made to look like human girls or even powered suits ala Bugglegum Crisis
Well, Go Nagai started it all with Mazinger Z's Aphrodite A and Diana A (piloted by Sayaka Yumi). This doesn't surprise me since Go Nagai started a great many thing in anime/manga history. I'm pretty sure a female robot or two has shown in his works since then. There is also the Mazinger Angels manga that features a take on the Charlies Angels with an all female cast of pilots and robots. GaoGaiGar FINAL featured KoRyu and AnRyu as two female robots who join the GGG team. Even when they combine, they are obviously feminine. There is another instance I can recall in G Gundam where there is a robot in Sailor Fuku, but I honestly can't recall the pilot. There were a ton of wild mecha in that show (Windmill Gundam anyone?). Finally, the one that sticks out in my mind is Arcee from Transformers: The Movie. As a kid, my mind was blown. She would be one of several that would show in the Transformers franchise going forward (including Ariel, Optimus Prime's girlfriend...why do I know this?!?).
Can you name anymore?
- Goh Saruwatari still sticks out in my mind as a very underrated and overlooked Super Robot hero. While Godannar!! is a bit restrained when it comes everything but fan service, he is the one that brings the fire and spirit to the show. Heroes in this genre are used to having a bad time of it. There are plenty of highs and lows in the course of being a great Super Robot hero. However, Goh may as well be named Jack Bauer. 
His girlfriend is killed, his depression is massive but he continues to fight. His depression lead him to think that falling in love and marrying a girl still in high school was a good idea (stupid move Goh). His marriage is rocky from the get go. He lives with his annoying brother who is in love with his wife. The girlfriend he thought was dead for five years has returned to the living as an amnesiac that his current wife takes care of. His long time friend explodes into a scary monster thing who warns him the same will happen to him. Everyone he is close to gets hurt or dies. His wife up the leaves him over something so stupid the Love Hina girls thought it was stupid. Finally, his fate resembles that of Jack Bauer's fate at the end of this past season of 24 (S7). Sure, there is a "happy ending" but the poor man is put through such hell that I had to check if Anno or Tomino wrote his scenario.
You can't help but root for him as he tries to fight through the crap he is continually put through. He isn't perfect. He's a flawed man in many ways which makes his story, a story you have to dive through the tits and ass to pay attention to, worth watching.
- ADV Film's "Jiggle Counter" should be made its comeback with this show. Maybe even Jiggle Counter 2.0! Keeps track of both human jiggles and robot jiggles! Many even a counter for ass shots and camel toe! Speaking of jiggle...
- How did Shizuru's breast size make such a jump between the bulk of the show and the final episode (which is a time skip of 7 years)? She would be in her early 30s at this point in time, but she put on no additional weight anywhere but her breasts (she was always made fun of for her bigger butt though). She didn't have a child either. Is that possible ladies? Put on no weight but increase your bust size another two sizes when they were already a healthy C-cup or even borderline D? Of course, with the increase of bust size came increased attention from men. 
- The fun interactions in the Godannar!! maintenance group made me realize I miss PatLabor. Can we get a new PatLabor series please? Don't make it suck either.
- Ichiro Mizuki and Mitsuko Horie sing the opening theme to the 2nd season entitled "Engage!!! Godannar." This is but one of many, many duets over the years for these two. "Cross Fight!" from the OVA Dangaioh, and the opening and ending themes to both the Magne Robo Gakeen and Ninja Captor shows. Mizuki is also the leader and man responsible for the formation of the anison group JAM Project. Their music will finally be available on iTunes sometime this year. For more on his career and the other members of JAM Project, you can check out my write ups here(work in progress, last one is upcoming)!
See ya next time with Moribito Set 2!

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DaveSimmons 1/27/2010 8:36:19 PM

Zone of the Enders - a  female robot with the personalty of a teenage girl, complete with a crush on her "uncle" James Links



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