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Goddanar English Cast List


It is 2047. Five years ago, under attack by creatures known as Mimetic Beasts, the countries of the world banded together and using giant robots, defeated the creatures, at the cost of many lives. One pilot who survived is Goh Saruwatari. But having suffered a tremendous loss in the final battle, now he does little more than traffic control, letting younger pilots handle fighting leftover beasts. Now he’s getting married to Anna Aoi, the girl he rescued from certain death when she was 12. But just as he’s about to say “I do” he gets a call to fight again and off he goes… But Anna is having none of that, and chases after him – in her wedding dress! Whether he likes it or not, Goh’s got a new partner, on and off the battlefield. And that’s only the start of the story!

ADR Director: Matt Greenfield

Translator: Amy Forsyth

ADR Script: Tiffany Grant


Goh Saruwatari – Voiced by Brett Weaver - Pilot of Godannar and a hero from the final battle with the mimetic beasts five years ago. He lost his girlfriend/partner in that battle, but saved little Anna. Basically swore to never partner with anyone ever again. As a result he’s less than thrilled that his new wife has chosen the life of a giant robot pilot. And you get the feeling he really didn’t think through the whole marrying a high school student thing, with his bad habit of sticking his foot in his mouth.

Anna Aoi (Saruwatari) – Voiced by Hilary Haag - Pilot of Neo-okusaer and Goh’s wife, despite only being 17. Looking at her, you’d think she was a weak little thing, but she’s actually quite strong, both physically and mentally. While she idolizes Goh, she is determined to carry her own weight and not just be a damsel in need of saving. As part of her agreements with her mom and the principal of her school, Anna can’t let her fellow students know that she is married or a robot pilot!

Lou Roux – Voiced by Kira Vincent Davis - This bright twelve-year-old-girl has been working as an operator up on Cosmo Base and training to pilot the Cosmo Diver with her father. But tragedy will send her to Dannar base… and the already odd Sarauwatari household.

Mira Ackerman – Voiced by Monica Rial - Goh’s supposedly dead former girlfriend and partner. We say supposedly because she doesn’t seem to be as dead as reported. However, she doesn’t quite seem to be all there anymore…

The Family:

Kiriko Aoi – Voiced by Laura Chapman - Anna’s mom, a scientist and the boss of the Dannar base pilots. Those at the base would consider her a MILF, except they didn’t know she had a daughter! She’s basically raised Anna on her own, so she’s responsible for Anna’s strong-willed stubbornness. Has an unnerving habit of storing her phone in her ample cleavage, and no qualms about reminding Goh that he begged for Anna’s hand in marriage.

Shinobu Saruwatari – Voiced by Greg Ayres - Goh’s (long suffering) little brother. A virtual opposite of his older brother, meek and mild, he’s Anna’s age, her classmate AND has a massive crush on her. A bit of a problem since she’s married to his brother. To make matters worse, he lives with the newlyweds!

Dannar Base Pilots

With Goh in semi-retirement, this pair has been handling any Mimetic Beasts that come Japan’s way.

Shizuru Fujimura – Voiced by Tiffany Grant - Pilot of the Core Gunner and Kouji’s partner. Because she doesn’t express her emotions much and keeps people at a distance, most of the crew think she’s a bit cold. A brave and skilled pilot, she has a habit of yelling “Who do you think I am?” She’s known Goh since she was a rookie pilot and feels great admiration for him…

Tetsuya Kouji – Voiced by Chris Ayres - Pilot of the G-Gunner and Shizuru’s partner. About as cocky and hot-blooded a robot pilot as you can find. Has a rather terrifying habit of yelling “Okay!”

Goddiner (China) Pilots

Moukaku – Voiced by George Manley - Pilot of Godhorn and Shukuyu’s partner. Quite macho, but a good, heroic guy. An old “war buddy” of Goh’s.

Shukuyu – Voiced by Kelly Manison - Pilot of Godsonic and Moukaku’s partner. She’s younger than Moukaku and not a veteran of the last war. She handles the navigation for the pair, as well as acting as Moukaku’s “tamer,” keeping him in line with praise or scolding when needed.

Volspina (Russia) Pilots

Ecaterina – Voiced by Marcy Rae - Pilot of Volspina. She comes off as something of a dominatrix, especially in how she treats her partner Kukrachyov. She also knows Goh from the last war. Domineering, though she can be seductive when she wants to be.

Kukrachyov – Voiced by Illich Guardiola - Pilot of Slave Wing. Quiet, passive and apparently completely devoted to his partner Ecaterina. She gives the orders and he follows without question.

Dragliner (England) Pilots

Knight – Voiced by Chris Patton - Pilot of Dragliner. He’s not only Ellis’ partner, he’s her older brother. Young, extremely self-assured and flirts with anything female. Even in the middle of a battle.

Ellis – Voiced by Shannon Emerick - Pilot of Dragfighter. Knight’s partner and little sister. Fairly sharp, (she handles most of the analysis for her team) not exactly fond of her brother’s flirtatious ways.

Genesister (US) Pilots

Shadow – Voiced by Christine Auten - Pilot of Genshadow. She kinda looks like a guy, she sorta sounds like a guy and she definitely acts like a guy, but she’s one scary woman when she gets fired up.

Luna – Voiced by Sasha Paysinger - Pilot of Lunasister. The gunner of the pair, she’s as cute as her partner is boyish. But don’t let her demeanor and appearance fool you, she’s just as strong. And we don’t know how her costume stays on either!

The Men in Charge

Because with this many young people around, you need some REAL men.

Kagemaru – Voiced by Mike Vance - Commander of the Dannar base, he’s a calm and collected leader. He gives all the mission orders but Kiriko can overrule him.

Shibakasu – Voiced by Rob Mungle - The Head Mechanic at Dannar base. Gruff and somewhat hard on his subordinates. But when you’re saddled with a gaggle of mechanics of both genders that can best be described as “sexually frustrated,” it’s not that surprising. But deep down, he knows he has a good, solid team.

The Bridge Bunnies

If you have giant robots, you need someone on the bridge keeping track of them. Cute girls seem to be the best choice to fill this role. This pair seems to be nearly identical in voice and temperament. They’re good at their jobs, but certainly not above gossiping, and they always seem to be first in line to tease Goh when he says something silly on the battlefield.

Momoko Momozono - Voiced by Brittney Karbowski - called “Momochie,” she’s the taller, brown haired one.

Konami Sasagure – Voiced by Mariela Ortiz - she’s the shorter, black haired one.


Hayashi - Voiced by Cynthia Martinez - femal mechanic

Morimoto - Voiced by Mark Laskowski - male mechanic with a crush on Hayashi

Hina - Voiced by Monica Passley - one of Anna’s classmates

Kei - Voiced by Tiffany Salinas - one of Anna’s classmates

Sakura - Voiced by Nancy Navotny - one of Anna’s classmates

Lowe - Voiced by John Gremillion - Lou’s father

The Principal - Voiced by John Swasey - Principal of Anna's high school. He knows she's married and is okay with it. How strange.

Hiiragi - Voiced by Luci Christian - female mechanic

Yanagisawa - Voiced by Kurt Stoll - male mechanic

Sugiyama - Voiced by Andy McAvin - male mechanic

Pinpin - Voiced by Monica Rial - Anna's EXTREMELY pergnant cat


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