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Godzilla Returns - In Manga

By Dan Cziraky     December 22, 1999

This black-and-white, manga version of 1984's THE RETURN OF GODZILLA (U.S. title: GODZILLA 1985) was originally published in the U.S. by Dark Horse Comics as a six-issue mini-series in 1988/89. The English translation was by Randy Stradley and Mike Richardson. This single-volume collection features a wonderful cover painting by Bob Eggleton. The story is pretty straightforward: after thirty years, Godzilla returns to menace modern Tokyo. Since this was an adaptation of the Japanese cut of the film, there are no scenes with Raymond Burr, who reprised his Steve Martin role for GODZILLA 1985. It's also much clearer in this version that the Russian nuclear missile launch on Japan was a mistake, not intentional.

The manga style of art employed by Iwata is an odd mix with a Godzilla story. G-fans not used to it might think the whole thing comes off as a sort of 'Speed Racer vs. Godzilla.' The collection also comes with a nice gallery of Godzilla art by such U.S. comic artists as Art Adams, Mike Mignola, Steve Bissette, and British artist Alan Moore. For the price, it's well worth it even for marginal 'Zilla maniacs. For fans of the 1998 TriStar GODZILLA--shame on you!

GODZILLA (2nd edition), by Kazuhisa Iwata. Dark Horse Comics, Inc., Milwaukee, OR, May 1995, $17.95.


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