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Goodbye Maniacs (Article) - 2/17/2015 1:31:07 PM

I honestly feel like I lost a friend today.  I had a bad feeling this site was going dark becuase there hasn't been anything new in days.  Sad day.

Mania Box Office Report: American Sniper nails it! (Article) - 1/20/2015 5:47:23 AM

I went to see this movie Saturday and Sunday, It was amazing.  Cooper deserves the Oscar for his performance.  Michael Moore and Seth Rogan are a couple of scumbags.

Escape From New York Remake now at FOX (Article) - 1/14/2015 9:29:21 AM

Please let this happen, one of my top 5 favorite movies of all time.

Mania Box Office Report: TAKEN with Taken 3 (Article) - 1/12/2015 6:22:53 AM

Went to see Taken 3, LOVED it, just what I expected.  American Sniper next weekend, no doubt about that.

Mania Review: Taken 3 (Article) - 1/9/2015 5:51:13 AM

I am going into this expecting Liam Neeson to kill a LOT of people, nothing more, and I have no issues with the premise, or the sequals.  I agree with Dazzler, wish this series wasn't ending.  Just accept the movie for what it is and enjoy it.  Would have LOVED to see this character and Denzel's character from "The Equalizer" get together for a team-up movie, that would have been one hell of a body count.

AMERICAN SNIPER - Trailer 2 (Article) - 12/19/2014 9:17:40 AM

WOW.  Simply wow.

The Winter of '84: Runaway (Article) - 12/17/2014 5:58:59 AM

Always loved this movie !

Mania Box Office Report: Hail Exodus! (Article) - 12/15/2014 12:42:00 PM

Went to see Exodus last night, I loved it !  I kept drawing comparisons to "The Ten Commandments" because I watch that movie every year at Easter.  I went to a Catholic school and Moses was my favorite Bible story.  The depictions of the plagues was well done.  However there was something missing without Edward G. Robinson saying "Where's your Moses now!'.

Terminator: Genisys - Trailer (Article) - 12/5/2014 5:37:25 AM

Haters gonna hate........but this looks awesome !!!

Wish, people can really be douchebags on this site.

The Walking Dead: Coda Review (Article) - 12/2/2014 5:49:48 AM

I watched the replay at 11:00 and knew enough not to get on Facebook.  Needless to say my jaw dropped when it happened.  Great episode.


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