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X-Men Clip with Amazing Spider-Man 2? (Article) - 4/17/2014 8:14:35 AM

@violater14, I think this seed has been planted in all heads going back to the first Iron Man movie or sooner, but I don't see this happening anytime soon because the bottom line is money.  If there wasn't a tug-of-war over Webb, this would never have happened, and the only reason Fox agreed to it was saving millions on advertising.  I would LOVE to see Spiderman in an Avengers movie and see all these characters cross over like the comics, but at the end of the day it all comes down to money.  Like I said, this is a lot of hype about nothing.  The sad part is if all 3 players sat in a room and agreed, this could be HUGE for all 3 companies, and the fans.

X-Men Clip with Amazing Spider-Man 2? (Article) - 4/17/2014 5:45:35 AM

I really don't see this as a big deal.  I saw this on Yahoo last night and it made me believe that the properties were coming together, which is NOT the case.  This is just a trailer, big deal.  Lets get all 3 studios together and actually make a crossover movie, then we can get excited.  I feel this is just a lot of hype for nothing.

Game of Thrones: The Lion and The Rose Review (Article) - 4/15/2014 9:26:30 AM

Jesus Christ rkngl..................FREAKING SPOILERS DUDE !!!!!

Mania Box Office Report: Captain America 2 over Rio 2 (Article) - 4/14/2014 12:47:43 PM

ElBaz, if you're a Browns fan, DEFINITLY go see it..................

Mania Box Office Report: Captain America 2 over Rio 2 (Article) - 4/14/2014 9:18:46 AM

Went to see "Draft Day" last night.  For those of you Maniacs who like the NFL, watch it, it was a really good sports movie.  I am glad to see Kevin Costner back in leading roles again, he's a great actor.

Mania Box Office Report: Captain America 4 the WIN (Article) - 4/6/2014 6:58:29 PM

Saw it this afternoon and with the exception of the crying baby in the audience, I loved this movie.  Way better than IM3.

The Expendables 3 - Official Trailer (Article) - 4/4/2014 7:18:31 PM


Godzilla Official TV Spot #3 (Article) - 4/3/2014 9:40:10 AM

I'm right there with you ultrazilla...........................

King Kong vs. Godzilla Blu-ray Review (Article) - 4/3/2014 5:49:05 AM

LOVE THIS MOVIE !!!  They need to do a re-make with Godzilla, Mecha-Godzilla, King Kong, and Mecha-Kong. 

Mania Review: Captain America: The Winter Soldier (Article) - 4/3/2014 5:46:50 AM

Nice review Rob.  Can't wait until Sunday to see this.


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