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Goldberg and Rogen taking on 'The Boys', going prequel with 'Hornet'

    May 01, 2008

In interview with EmpireOnline, Evan Goldberg revealed that, in addition to working on 'Green Hornet' with partner Seth Rogen, the pair are also in advanced talks on the adaptation of Garth Ennis and Darrick Robertson's controversial book 'The Boys'.

“The reason this is a good thing to make is because it is not a normal superhero movie; the trick is we need to wait for a few more superhero movies to come out, so everyone gets superheroes and then we can be critical of the superhero.” Goldberg said.

The book is definitely the cure for folks who are sick of superheroes. It centers on a small group of operatives designed to keep out-of-control superheros in check.

Of course, fans are curious (to say the least) to see what Rogen and Goldberg have in store for the pulply  crime-fighter 'The Green Hornet'.

“We decided to make it before he was the Green Hornet, when they [the Green Hornet and his sidekick Kato] had to work out their partnership. He’s a bit of a dick and he’s rude to Kato and it’s about them coming to terms with one another, so the Green Hornet people know is three years later,” Goldberg said, to the delight of no one.


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