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Golden Globe Winners

A mere handful of last year's excellent genre films received recognition.

By Steve Biodrowski     January 25, 2000

Every year, dozens (or maybe it only seems like dozens) of critics organizations hand out their awards in anticipation of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Science Oscar show. Some of these groups just want to be the first to weigh in with their opinions; some actually want to influence Oscar voting; and some simply want to positions themselves as an indicator of the eventual Oscar winners. Into this last camp falls the Golden Globe Awards (somewhat sarcastically renamed 'Golden Globules' by Jay Leno), handed out each year by the Hollywood Foreign Press Association.

The Golden Globes, of course, are far better known than any other critics award for the simple reason that the Hollywood Foreign Press has one thing the other critics don't have: a television show. No one really knows who comprises the Hollywood Foreign Press, but it's voting membership is smaller than that of the Oscar Academy. It's critical acumen is also in doubt, considering some truly questionable past choices (Pia Zadora as best newcomer?). In any case, their accuracy as a predictor of Oscar wins is hardly surefire: they do well in years that contain a clear-cut front runner but miss the target in less obvious years. Additionally, they hand out two Oscars for Best Picture (one for Drama, one for Comedy), thus doubling their chances of a 'hit.' If you really want an indicator of who will take home an Oscar statuette, you're best bet remains the awards handed out by the various guilds (SAG, DGA, WGA, etc), some of whose whose members actually end up voting for the Academy Awards.

Having said all that, we recommend you digest the following information with a grain of salt. A handful of genre films, some borderline, walked away with Golden Globes, while equally deserving films and television shows were ignored. Worthy of honor the winners may be, but don't start laying any best on the Oscar outcome.

Best Motion Picture (Drama): AMERICAN BEAUTY
Best Motion Picture (Musical or Comedy): TOY STORY 2
Best Director: Sam Mendes (AMERICAN BEAUTY)
Best Screenplay: Alan Ball (AMERICAN BEAUTY)
Best Original Song: 'You'll Be in My Heart,' from TARZAN, music and lyrics by Phil Collins


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