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Golden talks his fascination with river Styx

STRANGLEWOOD, FERRYMAN author stops in with us

By Christopher Allan Smith and Chris Wyatt     May 06, 2002

Hellboy wields Thor's hammer in Christopher Golden's novel, THE BONES OF GIANTS.
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In the May issue of CINESCAPE magazine, genre author Christopher Golden talked to us about his inspiration from TV, comics and other books which inform his horror stories like STRANGLEWOOD and THE FERRYMAN.

"In high school, I wrote three or four short stories and submitted them to various magazines," Golden joked with us, about his start. "Each and every one of them was summarily rejected and deservedly so... I was always talking about books, comics, movies and TV which is pretty much the way I am now."

He also reminisced about his more modern work, like writing the first BUFFY THE VAMPIRE SLAYER novel, and coming up with the twisted idea for STRANGEWOOD.

"I saw the BUFFY pilot and immediately knew that I wanted to play in that universe," he said. "At the time [I wrote STRANGEWOOD] my son was 3 ½ and we were watching WINNIE-THE-POOH videos ad nauseam. I found myself telling [a friend], 'You know, it gets to the point where I want nothing more than to see a bunch of hunters ride into the Hundred-Acre-Wood, skin the motherf---ers and nail their pelts to trees."

He also let us in on his latest, THE FERRYMAN, based on the myth of Styx.

"I was thinking about Charon, who in myth brought people across the river Styx, and I thought, 'What if Ferrymen where alive now?'" Golden said. "Not just what if they had been real once, but what if they were real right now? I'm pleased with where that [thought] lead me."


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