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Golgo13 Anime Movie Goes To Discotek Media

16:9 presentation with new extras in store

By Chris Beveridge     March 07, 2011
Source: Discotek Media Facebook Page

Golgo 13
© Discotek

Discotek Media announced via their Facebook page (which has under 50 people following - c'mon folks!), the company has acquired the rights to release the Golgo 13: THe Professional movie. The 1983 feature was directed by Osamu Dezaki with a story by the original manga author Takao Saito that runs for ninety-one minutes. Discotek has indicated that it will be a new 16:9 anamorphic print they'll be utilizing and they intend to have new extras for the release as well. No release date or other information was available at this time.

The feature was originally released by Streamline Pictures and eventually went to Urban Vision for release as well before falling off the face of the Earth.

Plot concept: Infamous hitman Duke Togo - also known as Golgo 13 - is hired to assassinate Robert Dawson, the son of wealthy oil baron Leonard Dawson and the intended heir of Dawson Enterprises. Though successful in his task, he soon faces the wrath of a vengeful Dawson.




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Maximus44 3/7/2011 6:17:15 PM

I'm glad that this movie is getting re-released!

Golgo 13: The Professional was one of the first animes I ever owned!  It is Pulp at it's finest!

A 16:9 anamorphic print, and new extras!

I'm sure that they will be including the 5.1 audio remasters that Urban Vision did for their DVD release (UV1136).

I think that I will be triple dipping on this one!

Supermutant2099 3/8/2011 1:06:53 PM

Always glad older anime getting saved.  I haven't watched it more then 10 years but after watching episodes TV I got to itch to watch the old tape I have of it.  I might wait to dvd now.

Calibur454 3/8/2011 6:06:07 PM

Yea the first time I watched this I rented it from blockbbuster back in the day because I was just discovering anime back then and had no idea what anime could really be. I was pretty blown away by golgo and finally saw what anime could be.  I wonder if queen bee will also be snagged up and finally see a double feature release?



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