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The Good Newbie Vs. The Annoying Newbie

By Matt Schley     -

I recently made two mistakes which go against anime kind. My friend Jake is a huge Dragon Ball Z fan, and mark my words, you'll hear all my opinion on DBZ in another rant (that is, if Chris likes this one). To put it simply, I do NOT like DBZ. Anyway, Jake was always talking about how DBZ had simply the best plot and fights and characters. I started to mumble about DBZ being "a bad excuse for anime" and such. Mistake number one. You see, Jake wanted to see more, as he called it, "Japanese anime". So now I'm freaking. Jake is a good friend, but not destined to be an otaku. I know you're probably thinking something along the lines of "You're supposed to be speading anime around!", or "Everyone deserves to be an anime fan!"

Here I introduce another one of my friends. He has been an anime fan as long as I have, and we watch anime together, give suggestions for what series are worth buying, etc. Let's call him David.. after all, it is his name. David is my example of "The Good Newbie". He's actually not a newbie any longer, but let's go back in time about a year. Now he is the Good Newbie! That was fun.

Jake is my example of the "annoying" or "bad" newbie. Let's compare the two, shall we? David, as a newbie, came in with open arms. He looked over all the series at the mall without judging the anime by their cover =). Jake, on the other hand, thinks DBZ is the king of all anime. David kept his anime lovin' to himself, mentioning to others only occasionally. Jake has shown his Japanese DBZ tapes to about everyone. Which, again, is something you might think good. I won't argue. Actually, just a sentence or two ^_^. Imagine everyone in your school or workplace being an anime fan. Being an anime fan would no longer be unique, and that would not be good. Now imagine the stupidest person in your school/workplace picking his/her nose, watching Serial Experiments Lain, then wolfing his/her fifth pack of chips, and bleching "WHAT I DON'T GET ITURRP!. I'm assuming you don't want that.

In the end, Jake will eventually not like anime any more (another sign of the "bad" newbie), while David and I will be loving the next new anime series hurdled our way. That's how it works. I'm not saying that you should keep all the anime for yourself, I'm trying to say that you should look for someone who's smart, mature, and open to be your Otaku Apprentice. Ja ne!

(By the way, my second mistake was telling Jake to watch Tenchi in Love. I should have scared him off with Yotoden: Wrath of the Ninja ^_^.)


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